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Warm Greetings!!! Myself, Sankar is a leading SEO expert in Chennai. I take up freelance SEO projects at an affordable price for SMEs. So, if you are looking for SEO Freelancer Chennai, you are in the right page, as I will take care of your On page & Off page SEO needs with guaranteed results and affordable pricing.

If you are looking for Digital Marketing/ SEO training in Chennai ( Direct or via Skype), call me at 8072815326 for details. Or chat with me via whatsapp using this link
seo freelancer chennai
Seo Freelancer Chennai

SEO Freelancer in Chennai

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a organic process. It takes time to rank a keyword in Search result. How much time? That depends on keyword competition, your domain age, originality of the content you use in your website etc. You can talk to any SEO Freelancer in Chennai or SEO expert in Chennai, they will tell you search engine ranking depends on two major facors. One is relevancy of the content and other one is authority of your domain. As a SEO freelancer in Chennai, if I take up your project my role will be to increase the relevancy of your content and as well as increase your domain's authority.

Important points to remember from SEO Expert in Chennai

As a SEO Expert in Chennai or someone who has completed 100's of project as SEO freelancer in Chennai, I would suggest you to remember following points before approaching any company or individuals for your SEO needs

  • SEO is a organic process and it definitely takes time to rank a keyword. You cannot, I repeat you cannot take any short cuts to achieve sustainable SEO results. S
  • How fast a keyword ranks depends on competition for the keyword and to some extend domain age and authority.
  • SEO is for web page and not for website. (It is optimizing your web page for search term for better organic ranking)
  • You can rank multiple keywords for the same page.
  • Content is the king. You must have original content in your website for SEO efforts to succeed.
  • Building back links from authority domain will take time. (Drip link building is most efficient. You cannot dump back links at same time)
  • Traffic from different source is the key for best results.
  • SEO is a continuous process and contents must be regularly update, back links must must be regularly built.

As a SEO Expert in Chennai, I produced good results for my clients by regular content updation & drip link building.

seo experts in chennai
Seo Expert in Chennai

Rated as one of the top SEO Freelancers in Chennai

I am rated as one of the top SEO freelancers in Chennai, since I provide accountable service quality. My clients will know exactly what they will get every month. Of course , no one can promise ranking within a very limited time and I certainly don't promise that. What I promise is

  • Keyword analysis & identification
  • Planting keywords in content and image and info graphic for best results
  • Efficient use of LSI keywords
  • Efficient use of Do follow & No follow links
  • Removing broken links.
  • Best use of 404 error page & 310 redirects
  • Efficient use of social links and social share links
  • 2 way/3 -way/ pyramid link building
  • Efficient use of Q& A sites, blog commenting, directory submission, article submission, PDF/PPT/Word doc submission
  • Efficient use of Image/ Infographic / Video submission sites etcc

I am rated as one of the best SEO freelancers in Chennai, because of transparency in my service. From next section you will get exact answers to many of your queries.

Deliverables from this Freelance SEO analyst in Chennai

Being a freelance SEO analyst in Chennai, I understand that trust is the major factor in client acquisition and retention. If previous answers doesn't convince you, in this section I will write down what I will exactly do with your website & project.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis (SEO is all about being one step ahead of your competitor, scoring one mark more than competitors)
  • On page site audit ( Analyzing Title tags, Meta descriptions, sitemaps, images, internal linking, do follow/ no follow links, broken links, keyword density, use of header tags including H1 tags, optimization of www and non www versions, link spam, keyword spam, alt text, duplicate meta tags, size of meta tags, etc) and fixing the errors and adding contents etc
  • Off page optimization (Directory submission(free and paid), Authority link creation, PPT submission, PDF submission, Info graphic submission , citation building, link building, comment building etc)

As the best freelance SEO analyst in Chennai, I follow a strict quality policy when it comes to Link Building & hence ensure that any activity performed will not get the website into Google penalties.

Reporting structure of Freelance SEO consultant in Chennai

As a freelance SEO consultant in Chennai, I send weekly and monthly SEO reports to my clients. The reports will not be just for information, but every month there will be an analysis and corresponding changes in the action plans will be made after approval from client's end. I will send a proposed action plan before the commencement of every month. However, the 1st month of work commencement, a proper plan cannot be devised as there will be no real time data from Google Analytics/other reports. By these excellent service quality I gain trust of all my clients even being a freelance SEO consultant in Chennai.

Pricing for the services of this Freelance SEO expert in Chennai

I understand people look for Freelance SEO expert in Chennai for two reasons. One being expert service and the other being pricing. So, my pricing levels are not very high. You can contact this freelance SEO expert in Chennai and know about pricing by filling this form below