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SEO course in Chennai -- The Ultimate Guide (2020 Updated)

Avoid common mistakes most SEO students make and save your money and time. (15 mins read. )

Complete guide about various SEO course in Chennai

What is SEO? 

Before going into this SEO course in Chennai guide, let me briefly tell you about what is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is a collection of techniques that improves organic search 

ranking position of a given website for a single or collection of search terms often called keywords. 

It is an organic process, which means, clicks from SEO results are free for a given website. Hence, it is no secret that SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the highly in-demand skills in the field of Digital Marketing.

SEO is a combination of several different skills you need to be good at. Some of them are

  • On-page SEO, 
  • Off-Page SEO,
  • Technical SEO, 
  • Content writing, 
  • Basic HTML knowledge, 
  • Knowledge in CMS like WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix etc,
  • Basics of image editing, 
  • Strong analytical mind, 
  • Basic customer psychology, 
  • Competitor Research, 
  • Target audience analysis, etc.

In Short, if you want to be an SEO superstar or get a high paying SEO job in Chennai from a top SEO agency or if you want to rank your business website in the top 3 search engine result position, getting a proper full-fledged high-quality SEO training in Chennai or getting mentored by an SEO expert in Chennai is a must. 
And in this SEO course in Chennai guide, I’m going to explain to you everything you need to know before starting your SEO training in Chennai.

Let's get deep into it.

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Contents of this SEO Training Guide (All you need to know about SEO Training in Chennai) 
Chapter 1: Topics you need to learn to master SEO in 2020? 
[SEO Syllabus in Chennai: Guide to avoid old-world Time Consuming SEO techniques]. 
Chapter 2: What not to look for in an SEO class?
Chapter 3: List of 14 Top rated SEO training institutes in Chennai
Chapter 4: SEO Course fees in Chennai
Learn how much a typical institute charges for SEO course tuition fees in Chennai.
Chapter 5: SEO training with guaranteed placement in Chennai 
[Institutes that offer guaranteed placements]
  Chapter 6: Most common SEO tools to get trained 
[ Most employers look for candidates with knowledge in these 20 tools]
Chapter 8: SEO job market scenario in Chennai.
 SEO salary trends and future scope of SEO
Chapter 9: SEO training locations in Chennai.
Find an SEO training institute near your location
Chapter 10: Modes of SEO training in Chennai.
Check out which one is suitable for you
 Chapter 11: SEO agencies in Chennai.
 Your ideal SEO employers in Chennai
Chapter 12: Anyone provides free SEO training in Chennai?. Check out here. 
  Chapter 13: Common SEO interview questions
 Chapter 15: My 17 tips for you to master SEO faster
 Chapter 16: SEO audit before going for an interview
[Guaranteed technique to increase your salary at least 2x times]
Chapter 17: What to learn after SEO? Or Is this enough to survive in this competition?
 Chapter 18: SEO salary trends in Chennai. 
Chapter 19: SEO Training in Chennai -  FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 20: SEO course duration in Chennai - How fast you can finish the SEO course?
Chapter 21: SEO training batch size in Chennai:
 What is better? One-on-One training or Training in large batches?
Chapter 22: Who can do the SEO course? Are you eligible to do this course? Check here 
 Chapter 23: Future and scope of SEO:
Find out where the SEO industry is moving?
 Chapter 24: SEO industry certification requirements in Chennai
Chapter 25: SEO Tutorials - Learn SEO free from this tutorial. 
Chapter 26: About the author of this SEO course in Chennai guide
 Chapter 27: About this guide
[Learn how to use this guide for a good SEO training]

Chapter 1

   What Do You need to learn to master SEO in 2020? 

​  Find and compare SEO syllabus of top SEO training institutes in Chennai

This year I analyzed over 1000+ SEO job descriptions from sites like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, Shine etc and found out that most SEO and Digital Marketing agencies are looking for candidates with the following skill set. You should learn following SEO skills if you are panning to invest in your SEO course in Chennai
SEO SkillSet required to get a job in Chennai
1. Keyword Research [most important for bringing quality organic search traffic to your site.]
  • You should be able to perform keyword research using tools like Google keyword planner, UberSuggest, etc to find suitable broad keywords, medium tail keywords, and long-tail keywords for website or blog contents.
  • You should be able to Segregate keywords based on their intent. For example commercial keywords, non-commercial, or informational keywords. This is important for a website content strategy. 
  • You should be able to find low competitive high search volume long tail keywords for immediate traffic. 
2. Competitor analysis. [For finding out competitor's top-performing keywords, Backlink source, traffic insights, etc.]
This can help one's overall SEO strategies.

  • You should be able to perform competitor analysis using tools like SEMrush, SimilarWeb, etc.. to identify their top performing keywords, pages, SEO audit etc. 
  • You should be able to generate keyword ideas, Backlink sources from these tools.
3. In-depth site SEO audit using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog SEO spider, etc
  • You should be able to use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming frog SEO spider, etc to perform SEO audit of a given website and identify areas of improvements and optimization.
  • You should be able to generate a website SEO audit report in the standard format as per industry requirements.
  • For more on SEO audit report jump to this section to find important SEO audit parameters. 
4. On-page SEO skills like meta tags optimization(title tags, meta description, and meta keywords, Headings Optimization(h1, h2,h3), Content Optimization using LSI keywords and Keyword Density.
  • You should be able to work in the above areas to improve the relevancy of your content concerning search terms. 
5. URL & Domain name optimization
  • You should be able to optimize URL with keywords and domain name with partial match keywords for increased content relevancy. 
6. URL Canonicalization, IP Canonicalization, etc.
  • For avoiding content duplication issues, you should have strong knowledge of what is canonical tags and how to use them. 
7. Broken Link Building
  • You should be able to find broken links, build content about it, approach the webmaster for required links 
8. Renovation Link building trough email outreach. 
9. Google and Bing Indexing
  • Strong knowledge about search engine bots, indexing, handling index errors, etc in popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo etc. 
10. Google Search Console/ Webmaster tools
  • You should possess a strong knowledge in Google search console in areas like submitting pages for indexing, search term traffic analysis, internal and external link analysis, crawl errors, structured snippets,  data highlighter, crawl status, indexing status, click-through rate or CTRs, search queries and volumes, troubleshoot amp (accelerated mobile pages) and mobile usability issues, crawl error reports, etc. 
11. Bing Webmaster tools
12. Google Analytics
  • Strong knowledge in Google Analytics is a must for any SEO role in an agency. You should be able to integrate google analytics with other platforms to analyze website traffic. 
  • You should also be able to create personalized google analytics reports, user sessions, analyze bounce rates, dwell time, demographics, device, location of website visitors, page views, unique page views, load time, etc. 
13. Optimum use of long-tail keywords and medium tail keywords for authority building (Increase DA of a given website)
14. How to use 301 re-directs or permanent re-direct to preserve link juice.
15. How to design effective 404 error pages. 
16. Off-page SEO techniques
This is a must for entry-level SEO positions. You should know the following areas:
  • Guest posting or guest blogging
  • PDF/ PPT/ Document submission
  • Image Submission
  • Infographic submission
  • Question and Answer (Q & A) submission
  • Video Submission
  • Directory Submission
  •  Article Submission
  • Social bookmarking
  •  Social media optimization
  • Link building through blog comments.
  • One-way link building, Two-way link building, Three-way link building, Pyramid link building, Reciprocal link building, Where and how to get paid links. Guest post link building. 
  • Social links and social share links
17. Advanced Link building strategies
  • Building high quality, highly relevant, high PR, do follow Backlinks. Google's algorithm values high-quality links than high quantity links
18. Basic HTML knowledge
  • For optimizing certain On-Page SEO elements like heading tags and meta tags.
19. Basic knowledge in Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress
  • For basic website maintenance and regular fresh content up-gradation
20. Strong knowledge in WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO pack, SEOpress, Rank Math etc
  • This is especially important because most of the websites in the internet is powered by WordPress. So knowledge in popular WordPress SEO plugins is very essential either to join a company or to service a client. 
Knowledge in Common SEO Tools

Practical working knowledge in at least( bare minimum) some common important widely used SEO tools like 

  • SEMrush, 
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog, 
  • Ubersuggest, 
  • Search Metrics, 
  • Small SEO tools,
  • Moz, etc. 
21. At least basic level of original persuasive SEO content writing / editing skills.
22. Knowledge in Latest Google and other search engine algorithm updates.
23. Image optimization

Strong knowledge in image optimization including alt text optimization, compression, geo tagging of images etc for ranking your images higher in Google image search results. 

24. Knowledge about core Google algorithms

At least a basic level knowledge in Core Google algorithms like

  • Hummingbird, 
  • Panda
  • Penguin, 
  • Pigeon
  • PageRank, 
  • Broad Core Algorithm,
  •  Maccabees and Fred, 
  • Hill Top Algorithm, etc
Also you must have strong knowledge about latest updates in core algorithms. 
25. Regularly follow top SEO blogs

Most of the SEO agencies require you to closely follow top SEO blogs like 

  • Neil Patel, 
  • Brian Dean, 
  • Moz, 
  • Search Engine Land, 
  • Search Engine Journal, 
  • Hobo-web, 
  • Matthew Woodward, 
  • SEO Signal Lab (Facebook Group) etc.
26. Strong knowledge in Indexing and caching
27. Proper use of Sitemap.XML and Robots.txt
  • To guide Google bots and Bing bots with proper allow and disallow
28. Local SEO Knowledge
  • Strong knowledge in Local SEO or Map Pack Rankings like creating and verifying the local listing in Google and increase local rankings.

Posses working knowledge in local SEO tools like

  • Moz Local
  • BrightLocal
  • Whitespark etc
  • Ability to build large number of NAP (Name , Address Phone Number) mention links.
  • Proper optimization of Google My Business account
  • Building huge citation signals
  • Maintain NAP consistency in local aggregators. 
  • Maintaining various review signals like review numbers, review diversity, review velocity etc. 

29. Authority sculpting using inner links
  • Ability to perform authority sculpting using inner links to bring authority and link value to commercial pages with limited content value.
30. Optimal use of link juice or link mass by spreading it via inner links
31. Optimize page load speed.
  • Knowledge in optimizing CDN  (Content delivery network) for page load speed. 
  • Compressing page file size including image compression, CSS optimization, limited use of Java script etc.
  • Optimize for Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Optimize First Meaningful Paint/First Contextual Paint.
  • You should know how to use PageSpeed Insights tool and take action on the report. 
  • Hosting recommendation, 
  • Efficient use of browser caching
32. Optimize for mobile-first indexing & AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
33. Knowledge in migrating from HTTP to HTTPS (for secure transactions)
  • This is particularly important as search engines favors HTTPS sites. So you must learn about this migration. 
34. Increase domain authority (DA), brand name visibility, and Alexa ranking
35. Increase domain search visibility
36. Generating SEO reports for clients ( Jump to SEO Audit reporting)
37. Ability to create good quality content, content strategy, email outreach for link building
38. Maintaining link mass with the proper proportion of do-follow and no-follow links as well as sponsored links & UGC (USer generate content) links.
39. Optimize content with UX SEO strategies. 
  • You should be able to perform at least basic research for better user experience to increase dwell time and to decrease bounce rates.
  • The goal is to increase the conversion, average seconds/sessions, number of pages per session etc.
  • These things will not happen without improving the User experience. So it is very important for you learn SEO from UX point of view also. 
40. Local SEO, Google maps ranking

Map Pack is an often under utilized organic traffic generation platform. 

You must have strong knowledge in improving rankings for your business listing in the map pack. It is must be part of your SEO course in Chennai

41. Getting traffic from social media

You must learn to generate organic traffic from various social media using tehniques like

  • Facebook group posting
  • Collaboration with other Facebook pages
  • Proper use of Hashtags in Instagram and Twitter
  • Collaboration with influences etc. 
42. List building for email outreach and traffic generation
  • The goal of any SEO or Content marketing campaign is to build email list, so that you can engage with the prospects, nurture them and move them down the sales funnel for actual sales. You must learn effective list building using SEO campaigns. 
43. Recovering from Google penalties, 

You should learn about recovering from manual penalties using

  • Disavow links,
  • Submit a reconsideration request.
44. Proof of ranking.

Wait. What??? Proof of ranking? Even for freshers?

Difficult. But the answer is Yes. Apart from a strong knowledge of overall SEO concepts and strategies, most of the SEO companies and SEO agencies in Chennai that I interacted with expect their potential employees to have already ranked few keywords, even if they are freshers. This they claim as the only full-proof SEO recruitment. So my suggestion will be
  1. Either take up some 3 months SEO internship and try and rank a few keywords in the first few positions of SERP.
  2. Or start a blog right from day one of your training and try to rank at least for few long ail keywords on the first page of Google. 

My recommendation will be to start your blog and rank for a few long-tail keywords to gain the confidence of employers is much faster and full proof. 

45. Use of entities in SEO (Entity SEO / Knowledge Graph)  (Can be implemented using Internal links)
46. Natural Language Processing & SEO ( NLP SEO) along with Artificial Intelligence for SEO
47. BERT & E-A-T algorithms and its effects on user experience  optimization & Expert, Authority and trust factors
End of Chapter 1
Having listed SEO topics or SEO syllabus to look for when interacting with SEO training centers in Chennai, You might be wondering:

"Every institute is offering the same syllabus almost the same fees placement guarantee, claim experienced trainers,, etc"

And how do I choose one of them? I am really confused about how to decide and what to choose.

That's what I am going to cover in the rest of the guide. 

Keep reading my dear friend.

Chapter 2

   ​What not to look for in an SEO class?

Beware of the following things when you choose a Training Center in Chennai for SEO course

Funny meme about what not to expect from SEO classes in Chennai
Beware of promises like you can become an SEO Superstar Expert just by attending a course. That is possible only in movies. Success cannot be achieved over a song. Real life success takes a lot of hard work, planning and execution.
Just because you joined an institute for SEO training in Chennai , that does not mean you can become an SEO superstar overnight. Like every other technology, you need patience, analytical mind and consistency to achieve results, rankings in this case. 
With growing, demand you can get an SEO job even with basic SEO fundamentals. But, if you want a high paying SEO job in an SEO company in Chennai, you need a thorough understanding of concepts and strong SEO practice. Thoroughly interact with the SEO institute and take few SEO demo classes before enrolling for the SEO course, since 
most of them teach outdated syllabus or black hat SEO techniques. 
To get a low paying SEO job, just Free SEO training by YouTube channels is more than enough, but for a high paying SEO job, you need to be mentored by SEO experts. So rather than going here and there, find an SEO expert and get trained from him /her. This will save you tones of time. Keep following things in mind before joining an SEO course in Chennai. 

  • No one will give you a job just for your knowledge. Prove your knowledge by starting an SEO blog and rank a few keywords in higher SERP positions. You will get a high paying SEO job automatically. 
  • Just mere SEO classroom training in Chennai or SEO online training in Chennai is not enough for this role. You need to follow expert SEO blogs. Some of the blogs I suggest are 
  1. Backlinko by Brain Dean, 
  2. Neil Patel's blog, 
  3. Moz blog (Whiteboard Friday),
  4. Nathan Gotch's Gotch SEO Academy
  5. Search engine journal.
  • Google updates its core search algorithms quite frequently, so to maintain ranking, you need to keep track of these updates and include them in your SEO strategy.
  • SEO jobs tend to pay relatively low in the beginning. But once expertise is proven, you can demand higher pay packages. You can also start blogging, Rank and Rent and affiliate marketing to make more money. 
  • To survive in this online marketing field, just SEO knowledge itself is not enough. You need other digital marketing skills like Adwords or PPC, Social media marketing, Email marketing, etc.. To check the complete digital marketing skills list jump to this section. 
  • If not immediately, you need better English content writing skills in the long term to survive in this field. So, you need a strong knowledge of content frameworks, content strategies, content outreach, and content marketing. 
  • To grow higher in SEO career you need client-facing abilities including presentation skills, SEO client on boarding, SEO reporting. 
  • Just because, an SEO training institute or SEO training center ranks higher for competitive search terms like SEO training in Chennai or SEO course in Chennai, that does not mean they deliver the best SEO course. That may probably mean they have a good SEO team or they hired a good SEO agency or who knows they may have done black hat SEO. 
  • So just be sure that you take demo classes from at least 3 institutes and talk to trainers before enrolling for the SEO course. 
  • Also, make sure the training institute that you want to join covers at least the syllabus I mentioned in the above section.
Now that you know what to learn to master SEO in 2020 in terms of syllabus and what not to expect from an SEO training course, it's time to know about TOP rated SEO Training institutes in Chennai, their ratings, course fees, locations, placement support, mode of training, modules, SEO study materials, etc. 
End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

​What are the 14 Top rated SEO training institutes in Chennai?

This SEO training in Chennai guide will not be complete without a chapter on Best SEO training institutes in Chennai. In this chapter, I am going to list some of the top SEO training centers in Chennai. I have taken into account various factors like syllabus, course fees, placement support, trainer profiles, etc. 
The order in this SEO Training Institutes listing does not denote any ranking. Students are recommended to join these institutes only after taking demo classes and only if they are satisfied with the response. And I don't personally guarantee about any of these institutes.  

The Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai

14 Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai
Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai is one that is reputable, provides specialized learning class that focus only on SEO course. Not a Single academy focuses only on search engine optimization training course in Chennai. But, here is the list of IT Training Centers providing best SEO courses in Chennai. 
  1. FITA
  2. Inventateq
  3. Besant Technologies
  4. Softlogic
  5. Zuan Education
  6. WebD School
  7. Metaforum Technologies
  8. Digital Scholar
  9. Digital Academy 360
  10. Skartec
  11. ACTE
  12. Esearch Advisors
  13. Course Inn
  14. SLA Jobs

Source: Note that above 14 institutes are picked from the source given here. Readers are requested to check quality of these institutes before enrolling with them. Author cannot give guarantee in any way. 

Name of the SEO Training Institute in Chennai  LocationContact Number
 1. FITA Velachery, T Nagar, Thoraipakkam, OMR, Anna Nagar, Tambaram 9345045466
 2. Invetateq Velachery8550000909
 3. Besant Technologies Velachery, Tambaram, OMR, Porur, Siruseri, Anna Nagar, T.Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Maraimalai Nagar.  8099770770 
 4.Softlogic KK Nagar, Chennai  8681884318
 5. Zuan Education Kodambakkam 9025500600
 6. WebD School Vadapalani 9791333350
 7. Metaforum Technologies Vadapalani N/A
 8. Digital Scholar Purasaiwakkam 9169231231
 9. Digital Academy 360 Anna Nagar, Velachery, Adyar 7353515515
 10. SkartecAnna Nagar West  9741427564
 11. ACTEVelachery, Tambaram, OMR, Porur, Anna Nagar, T.Nagar, Adyar, 
Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, 
Maraimalai Nagar
 12. Esearch Advisors Anna Salai, Teynampet7358755422
 13. Course Inn  Guindy 9962097767

 14. SLA Jobs KK Nagar, Anna Nagar 8608700340
Some of the other places where you can learn SEO includes Sorav Jain's free Digital Marketing (SEO) course, Great Learning (Great Lakes), Timespro, NIIT, Digital Vidya, DSIM, Simplilearn, Lynda, Hubspot SEO course.  

PS.{The only reason I have not included these institutes in the above table is, either most of the institutes offer only online programs or they don't come under regular training institutes category. ]
Now that you know, what are the best SEO training centers in Chennai, it's time to know how much you are expected to spend to get trained from these training centers. That is, I am going to give you a fair idea about SEO course fees in Chennai, so that, you can plan your budget accordingly. 
End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4

​What is the SEO Course fees in Chennai?

If you want to achieve high paying SEO job or higher search engine rankings for your business, you need to get trained from the best.

The question is:

How much to spend to get the best SEO training in Chennai? How much training institutes charge for their SEO course?

Read this chapter to find out.

Average SEO Training course fees in Chennai
The institutes I mentioned in chapter 3, typically charge the following. The Average SEO course fees in Chennai is somewhere between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 25000.You might wonder why such a huge difference in SEO course fees of these training institutes in Chennai. The answer depends on the category of these SEO training institutes and SEO training programs. I will explain that.

Category Level I - Small level institutes SEO course fees in Chennai (For students with a very low budget)

Category Name: Beginner level training provider
SEO Training Fees: Rs. 8000
SEO Class Duration: 12 days.
SEO Topics Covered:
Topics covered typically includes On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Google Search Console,

basics of Google analytics, just tool level knowledge on keyword planner tools, indexing, technical SEO. Typically tools they use to teach are Google search console, google analytics, google keyword planner, free versions of popular SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahref, and Ubersuggest. 

With search algorithms constantly getting updated, the only thing you need to be careful while enrolling with these types of institutes is that whether they teach google updates are not. 
Who can enroll for these types of small level SEO training institutes in Chennai?
  • Freshers looking for entry-level jobs
  • Students looking for basics of SEO.
  • Small-time business owners with location-specific business
  • Students with a very limited budget
Note: Techniques taught by these institutes will rank long-tail hyper local keywords. They might not rank competitive keywords. 
Advantages of these SEO training centers in Chennai:
  • Lowest course fees.
  • You might even get a job with this SEO course
  • You can rank low competitive long-tail keywords with this level of training.
  • SEO is the most important digital marketing module and at least you can learn basics of it.
Disadvantages of this SEO course

With low fees, you may not get

  • Quality & experienced trainer
  • Premium SEO tools to practice
  • Necessary exposure to working in a top SEO agency.
  • Needed exposure to face a client (Most SEO companies expects that skill)

Category Level II - Medium level institutes SEO course fees in Chennai (For students with a very medium budget)

Category Name: Medium level training provider
SEO Training Fees: Rs. 13000
SEO Class Duration: 18 days.
SEO Topics Covered:
Topics covered typically include Small level training provider package plus complete SEO
audit, competitor analysis, increase page load speed techniques, mobile SEO, SEO reports, high-level link building techniques. Typically tools they use to teach are freemium versions of tools used at the category I level SEO training institutes. 
These kinds of institutes will typically encourage students to write blogs by creating a website for them. These blogs by students will be a great practice for them and to show off their SEO skills to potential employers from top SEO companies. 
Who can enroll for these types of Medium level SEO training institutes in Chennai?
  • Freshers looking for SEO jobs in decent SEO agencies or SEO companies
  • Students looking for a strong knowledge of SEO.
  • Business owners looking to learn SEO for their own business needs
Students with a budget to spend to get quality SEO education.
Note: TO GET most out of SEO programs conducted by these types of SEO institutes, students need to follow other top SEO bloggers apart from their trainer. They also regularly need to write their blogs. 
Advantages of these Middle-level SEO training centers in Chennai:
  • Nominal course fees.
  • You can get a job with a good SEO agency in Chennai. 
  • You can rank medium tail non-commercial keywords and long-tail commercial keywords with this level of training.
  • SEO is the most important digital marketing module and you will have strong foundations of it.
Disadvantages of this SEO course
  • Quality of training purely depends on the trainer. If you get junior trainer, I am afraid you will not get much out of this SEO course. 
  • You Might not learn advanced link building techniques.
  • You will get an SEO job. but you cannot become an SEO expert by taking training from these kinds of SEO institutes

Category Level III - Top-level institutes SEO course fees in Chennai (For students who wants to be SEO superstars)

Category Name: Top-level training provider
SEO Training Fees: Rs. 18000
SEO Class Duration: 18 days.
SEO Topics Covered:
Topics covered typically include medium level training provider package plus content writing,
content frameworks, identifying and reaching out to potential backlink providers with proven email outreach strategies. Typical these institutes tie with industry experts and they give a lot of checklists, assignments, and projects. They might also use extensive premium SEO tools for the benefit of their students.
These top-level Search Engine Optimization institutes typically teach only white hat SEO to their students and they don't encourage black hat SEO techniques. They give a lot of emphasis on creating quality content, getting relevant backlinks and increasing user experience. 
Who can enroll for these types of Top-level SEO training institutes in Chennai?
  • Experienced professionals looking to get into the world of online marketing.
  • Students looking for strong knowledge in SEO to create blogs and affiliate marketing projects.
  • Business owners looking to learn SEO for their own business needs or even start their SEO agency.
  • Students with a good budget to learn high-quality SEO stuff. 
Note: TO GET most out of SEO programs conducted by these types of SEO institutes, students need to invest in a few SEO tools and to create good content. They also regularly need to write their blogs. 
Advantages with these Top level SEO training centers in Chennai
  • Knowledge of guaranteed search engine ranking techniques.
  • You can get a job with a top SEO agency in Chennai or start ad monetize our blogs through AdSense and affiliate marketing. 
  • You can increase the domain authority of even a new website in 6 months with targeted traffics and backlinks.
  • SEO is the most important digital marketing module and you will have expert knowledge in that.

Category Level IV - SEO Expert's SEO course fees in Chennai (For students who wants to be SEO freelancer or want to 
start their SEO agency or to make money via blogging or affiliate marketing)

Category Name: SEO Experts
SEO Training Fees: Rs. 25000
SEO Class Duration: 30 days.
SEO Topics Covered:
Topics covered typically all the above. Click here. Additionally, you can learn about
SEO audit, SEO reporting, SEO presentation, budgeting, comprehensive tools, getting clients, monetizing via blogs Adsense and affiliate marketing, etc.
These experts will be leading freelancers who tend to give more hands-on training with an internship. Besides SEO techniques you can also pick up a few freelancing skills. Ultimately if you were wan to achieve a laptop lifestyle i.e to make money from home independently, you need training from these freelancers. I recommend learning from these experts. 
Who can enroll for these types of SEO courses from experts?
  • Experienced professionals looking to switch their career to SEO.
  • Students looking for strong knowledge in SEO to create blogs and affiliate marketing projects.
  • Business owners looking to learn SEO for their own business needs or even start their SEO agency.
Note: TO GET most out of SEO programs conducted by these types of SEO experts, students must be willing to learn a lot of advanced SEO techniques and lots of SEO tools. Students must e also willing to take up a lot of real-time SEO projects and willing to daily SEO home works and SEO assignments. 
Advantages of these SEO courses from Top SEO experts in Chennai
  • Guaranteed practical hands-on knowledge.
  • You can learn a lot about SEO freelancers and agency culture. 
  • Guaranteed high paying SEO job.
Now you got a fair idea that most SEO training institutes in Chennai charge from Rs. 8000 as their SEO course fees. Its time for me to write about how these SEO training centers in Chennai support placement.
Continue reading this guide to know more about what kind of companies recruit SEO candidates, Whether it is good to work in an SEO agency or a product company, what will be the salary for SEO freshers in Chennai, how long it will take to get an SEO job, etc. 
End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5

   ​SEO training with guaranteed placement in Chennai

job interview scene from the pursuit of happyness movie

Remember This Epic job interview Scene from the movie Pursuit of Happyness?

Remember the confusions and questions arising in protagonist's mind like can he switch career successfully from medical field to stock brokerage? Can he take up unpaid internship  with no job guarantee? Can he learn quickly and achieve in this new field? etc.  I am sure you also have number of questions and doubts regarding SEO job, Pay package, placements, interview etc.. I will try to answer them in the coming section. 

Read this section for Answers to placement related questions like
  • What kind of companies recruit SEO candidates?
  • Whether it is good to work in an SEO agency or a product company? 
  • what will be the salary for SEO freshers in Chennai?
  • How long it will take to get an SEO job? etc
Here are my quick answers to the above questions.
  • Most of the training institutes in Chennai listed above offers quality SEO training and placement services. Usually, they tend to place in an SEO (digital marketing) agency (which is good).
  • Sometimes you may be placed in a product company or in a service company that requires SEO positions.
  • Typically these institutes tie up with companies that provide up to 2 Lakhs per annum SEO package for their students (raw freshers). 
  • If you ask about guarantee, although I strongly recommend reading their placement policy, most institutes tend to provide SEO training with guaranteed placement in Chennai. In fact, with the growing demand for quality SEO professionals, many institutes can offer their SEO course with guaranteed placements.
  • SEO salary for freshers will be purely dependent on their level of SEO skills. SEO training centers cannot help here.
  • Students with better communication skills and SEO clients facing ability tend to get paid well.
  • Students with good SEO content writing ability also tend to get paid well by SEO companies in Chennai. 
  • Placement in an SEO agency or an SEO company is good for SEO students, so that hey can learn well from other experienced SEO professionals.
  • Internship with an SEO expert or SEO freelancer is also good for an SEO student so that they can learn from an SEO expert.

7 actionable tips for getting a high paying SEO job after training:

I recently conducted fast-track SEO workshop in Chennai at some of the top engineering colleges and these are the 7 tips I gave to the workshop attendees with regard to SEO job and placements. Even though, your search engine optimization training institute can help you with regards to SEO placements, follow these tips to get a even better high paying SEO job. conducting a SEO workshop in a Chennai based college
[Me conducting a SEO workshop in Velammal Engineering College]
  1. Write a personal blog using some free websites like Wordpress or Wix and try to rank for at least 3 to 4 easy keywords or search terms. show this ranking as a testimony to your SEO skills during an SEO interview. For freshers, this is more than enough to convince the interviewer. [ Almost most of my students do this before attending interviews.]
  2. Before going for the SEO interview, create a thorough SEO audit report of the company for which you are attending the interview. You may use tools like screaming frog, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, etc for the SEO site audit. You can check how to do an SEO audit here.
  3. Also, go to the interview with a competitor analysis of the company using tools like Spyfu. Every company wants to know more about their competitors than themselves. 
  4. Prepare a detailed CV with all the details like our skill set, tools knowledge, content writing ability.
  5. Attend at least 2 or 3 mock SEO interviews to make sure you are ready before uploading the CV.
  6. Do some basic research about the company or its clients before attending their interview. It will help you to deliver customized answers. 
  7. You may additionally present the SEO interviewer with two to three months of SEO action plan to impress them with your SEO skills. 

With the above tips, you don't even have to depend on training centers that promise SEO course with guaranteed placements. You can improve the chances of placements and a high paying SEO job.

With these tips, you project yourself as a through SEO professional. Which means you are likely to get paid better than other experienced SEO candidates. This also means you can get an SEO job offer from top SEO agencies and companies.
    So, you know, what SEO topics to learn in 2020 -2021, which training institutes in Chennai deliver these topics, how much they charge for SEO course and you also know how to get high paying SEO jobs with my 7 tips.

    You have learned a lot from this guide. Good work.

    What's next?

    It's time to learn about the SEO tools that most SEO companies and agencies rate higher. 

    Why learn about these tools?

    Because many SEO companies expect their employees to have strong knowledge in these tools. So, make sure your SEO training institute trains you on these SEO tools.

    End of Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    ​Most common SEO tools to get trained to get a high paying SEO job in 2020- 2021

    Believe me, I couldn't even remember how many times I was in similar position when I sat down to recruit members for my SEO team or for my clients's SEO team. I hear the same story from my friends too who regularly recruit SEO candidates. I want to make one thing very clear. You need to have strong working knowledge in as many SEO tools as possible. 

    A succesfull SEO campaign requires

    • A standard SEO SOP (Standard operating procedure)
    • Content & graphics team
    • Editorial team
    • Link prospecting team
    • Link outreach team
    • A Manager
    All these teams require there own SEO tools in order to perform at an optimal level. In simple words, working on a SEO project without proper knowledge in SEO tools is like shooting in the dark. You can never reach your target. 

    Working in SEO projects without tools is like Shooting in the dark
    Working in SEO campaigns without strong knowledge in tools is like shooting in the dark.
    Apart from SEO techniques and SEO strategies and SEO updates, you need to have strong knowledge of wide variety of SEO tools to get a good SEO job in Chennai.


    Two reasons:
    1. Most SEO companies and agencies use these tools commonly and expect you to have knowledge with these tools.
    2. You need to have strong knowledge of these tools to serve your SEO clients better and faster.

    Ok. Without further adieu, here are the most important SEO tools you must know and have a strong working knowledge. This is a very comprehensive SEO tools list. But most SEO companies use these tools which can be categorized as 
    • Free SEO tools, 
    • Paid SEO tools and
    • Freemium SEO tools and plugins. 

    1. For Keyword research

    You need to get trained in keyword research tools to find search volumes, traffic, estimated page visits, keyword ideas, keyword difficulty level, etc.. You need to know tools like

    • Ubersuggest by popular SEO expert Neil Patel
    • Keyword Planner by Google Adwords Platform. 
    • Semscoop
    • Serpstat

    2. For competitor analysis

    Most companies expect you to perform competitor SEO analysis using tools like
    • Alexa
    • Spyfu
    • Bigspy
    • SimilarWeb
    • QuickSprout, etc..
    So, before attending any SEO interview calls, be prepared with this aspect of SEO knowledge. 

    3. For Backlink analysis

    Backlinks are very important for SEO and are considered to be one of the important three SEO factors. SO, to find an SEO job you need to have strong knowledge in backlink analyzer tools like
    • Ahrefs
    • Moz
    • SEMrush
    • Majestic SEO
    Using these tools you should able to check backlinks of your clients and their competitors. 

    4. For LSI content

    You need to include latent semantic indexing strategies in your SEO content. This makes your content more relevant to search engines like google. Google's Panda update gives lots of weight to LSI keywords in your content. You need to have knowledge of tools like

    5. For plagiarism check

    Most companies require you to write original SEO content. If your agency outsource content writing to a 3rd party, they expect you to check their content for plagiarism using tools like
    • Quetext
    • Grammarly etc

    6. For the Page load test

    Most SEO agencies require their SEO interns to know page load test using and give valuable insights to improve page speed

    7. For crawl errors

    You need to have knowledge in tools like Google search console / Google Webmaster tools to find out about crawl errors and fix them.

    8. For WordPress Plugins

    Wordpress is the most popular content management system in the world. Most blogging and business websites are created using WordPress these days. So you need to have strong knowledge in some of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins like
    • Yoast SEO
    • All in One SEO pack, 
    • Rank Math etc..

    9. For broken link checking

    Broken links are very bad from SEO perspective as well as from user experience [perspective. Your site cannot even afford to have a single broken link. Use tools like to find them and fix it by either removing the link or replace it with suitable links. 

    10. For mobile optimization

    It is very important for your website and content to be completely mobile optimized. You can use tool like to test the mobile friendliness of your website.  

    11. For site SEO audit

    You need to have a strong knowledge of SEO audit tools to get an SEO job in 2020 and beyond. There are so many SEO audit tools in the market. But you need to have strong knowledge in these tools to perform a complete site SEO audit. Check for the important site SEO audit parameters here. My recommended tools are Screaming frog and Woorank.

    Using Screaming Frog tool's free version you can audit a website up to 200 URLs.  

    For On Page audit and improvement , I definitely recommend Kyle Roof's Page Optimizer Pro (POP).

    CORA SEO by Ted Kubaitis is definitely the best SEO analyzer tool. But it is ridiculously costly. So most companies don't use it and don't expect their candidates to know about that tool. 

    12. For finding out Domain Authority (DA), Page Rank (PR), etc..

    Using tools like Moz, Alexa etc you should be able to find domain authority and Page Rank of a given website and URL.

    13. For content spinning / Article rewriting

    The best tool I recommend for content rewrite or to spin an article is WordAI (Word AI). Don't copy content or plagiarize. You will be heavily penalized by Google. (This is the first lesson I teach my Students). But in case you want a quick article of bout 500 words for a tier 2 or tier 3 website, then WordAI can do the job. 

    Buzzsumo is a wonderful tools that will give an idea about popular topics in social media. You can use this idea to generate content topics. 

    14. For creating multimedia content like Images, Videos, Charts etc for your content

    Search engines expect comprehensive content including lot of text, images, infographics, videos, animations, gifs, audio files etc. Following tools will help you create above multimedia content rather very easily. 

    • StockUnlimited
    • Canva
    • Animoto
    • Piktochart
    • Crello
    • PicMonkey

    15. For Continuous learning

    SEO is an ever changing field. You need to be at the top of your game to beat the competition. In order to continuously upgrade yourself, I recommend 

    • Lynda
    • Skillshare
    Besides you can follow popular blogs. 

    Note: If you cannot learn all these tools or if your SEO training institute in Chennai does not teach you many of these tools. At least make sure you learn one must SEO tool, SEMrush. It is the most popular and widely used tool. So if you can learn only one tool for whatever reason, learn SEMrush. I personally love this tool. 

    Below in pictures, me and my team with Rohan Ayyar (Regional Head, SEMrush India) and Sorav Jain ( Popular Digital Marketing Influencer in India) at an Search conference event in IIT Madras
    So, you can treat the above tools as SEO tools checklist before attending an interview or confirm with the training institute if they teach the above tools. 

    Now, comes the most important aspect of selecting an SEO training course. Choosing the correct SEO trainer makes or breaks (or at least slow down) your SEO career. SEO training institutes don't matter. SEO training center doesn't matter. But SEO trainer matters. 

    Ask the following questions to your SEO trainer and interview him before joining his SEO training course.
    End of Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

     ​The ideal SEO Dronacharya for the SEO Arjunas

    So, in this chapter, I will help you identify good SEO trainers in Chennai. After all, it only takes a champion trainer like Pullela Gopichand to produce champions like PV Sindhus. 

    SEO dhronacharya guru trainers for seo arjuna students
    Here I will address common questions like 
    • Why a quality SEO trainer is important? 
    • What are the qualities of a good SEO trainer? 
    • What skills an SEO trainer needs?
    • Why become an SEO trainer for yourself?
    • What are the advantages of having a good SEO trainer? 
    • Are SEO trainers expensive? 
    • What are the objectives of SEO training? 
    • How institutes recruit SEO trainers? 
    • Will SEO trainers share their materials?
    • Will SEO trainers share their live projects with students?  [Plus some Tips]

    Why a quality SEO trainer is important?

    A quality SEO trainer is very important to make you understand SEO basics quickly. Even though you have a lot of SEO videos available on YouTube, they only teach you the SEO techniques. Seldom I saw an SEO channel on YouTube that teaches SEO process for a live website right from the beginning or teaching SEO SOPs (Standard operating procedures). This I believe only an SEO trainer can deliver. 

    What are the qualities of a good SEO trainer?

    • A highest rated SEO trainer in Chennai will have completed a good number of SEO projects in multiple SEO verticals like eCommerce SEO, real estate SEO, matrimony SEO, etc. 
    • SEO trainer must have at least 3 years of experience in teaching SEO to students. 
    • SEO coach in Chennai must also have a passion for sharing their knowledge and producing good SEO students. 

    What are the skills to look for in an SEO trainer needs?

    A good SEO teacher must have these three skills
    • Strong knowledge in On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, technical SEO, SEO content writing, SEO content frameworks, generate backlinks via white hat methods.
    • SEO teacher must have a good number of SEO industry experience and willing to share their SEO knowledge .
    • SEO trainers themselves must regularly keep track of digital industry changes. They must have hands-on information on daily SEO changes. [For example, at the time of writing this guide, google introduced brand new changes in the way its algorithm is going to crawl links via two new attributes like rel=" sponsored" and UGC links. The SEO trainer must be able to explain these new SEO updates to students.]

    Why become an SEO trainer for yourself?

    Apart from taking SEO training classes in Chennai, readers are advised to follow top SEO blogs, SEO forums, SEO community, SEO Facebook groups, etc to keep track of crawl algorithm updates. Become a trainer for yourself. Because a search engine optimization trainer cannot practically teach every thing considering how vast SEO factors are and how frequently algorithms are getting updated. 

    What are the advantages of having a good SEO trainer?

    I would say a good SEO trainer in Chennai will come with these three advantages
    • A good SEO trainer will save you time( and money) by making your SEO learning process faster.
    • A good SEO coach will make sure you have a good understanding of search engine optimization basics and strategy.
    • A good SEO teacher will bring to the table a lot of experience and SEO tools knowledge that you can leverage.

    Are SEO trainers expensive?

    I cannot answer this question directly. But I will give you a couple of scenarios.

    If you are going to join an SEO training institute in Chennai, the institutes' fees itself will cover SEO trainer charges. SEO training centers in Chennai normally charge from around 8k to 25k rupees. 

    If you are going to hire a direct SEO expert as a trainer (recommended), then their cost depends on their experience and mode of training. For example, online one to one SEO training tends to be much cheaper than classroom SEO training courses in Chennai. You can expect SEO experts at least to charge 10k to 12k independently.

    What are the objectives of SEO training?

    Any SEO training must have the following objectives 
    • Get the SEO basics right, strong and solid.
    • Get a few live SEO project experience including SEO audit and SEO client reporting.
    • Get an SEO learning road map from the trainer to keep track of future SEO updates.
    • Get an SEO job in Chennai (in your case)

    How institutes recruit SEO trainers?

    There are three categories here when it comes to SEO training centers and how they recruit their SEO trainers. 

    • In-house/ internal SEO trainers: Many SEO training institutes in Chennai, use internal or in-house SEO trainers. They tend to have very limited SEO industry exposure and from my experience, I can tell you that you should never join these SEO institutes. 
    •  SEO expert freelancers: Some SEO coaching institutes in Chennai uses SEO experts from the industry as a freelance SEO trainers on a contract basis. Depending on their experience and skill set you may enroll for their SEO classes. 
    •  SEO experts: In some cases, SEO experts in Chennai, themselves run their SEO institutes and you must prefer them from my experience. 

    Will SEO trainers share their SEO materials?

    Most SEO training centers in Chennai and SEO trainers working there will share SEO materials and SEO interview questions with students. They sometimes record their SEO classes and share them with SEO students for future reference.

    Will SEO trainers share their live projects with students? 

    Ideally, they should. If not, don't enroll with them. 

    Tips to identify good SEO trainers in Chennai

    1. Check their SEO experience
    2. Check if specialize in SEO or they are general digital marketers. 
    3. Check their past class recordings
    4. Check the projects of their past students (student blogs)
    5. Check the reviews from sites like urbanpro, yet5, etc.
    6. Speak to their former students and learn from their experience and decide. 
    7. Take SEO demo classes from them. 
    8. Find out what SEO tools they use in their training course. 
    9. Find out if they offer a personal SEO internship after the SEO course completion.
    Now, you know a lot about which SEO institutes to choose (or SEO experts), how to identify good SEO trainers, etc. Now, before contacting them to enroll for an SEO course, let me briefly guide you about the SEO job market 
    scenario in Chennai.
    End of Chapter 7

    Chapter 8

    ​SEO Job market scenario in Chennai 

    SEO salary and SEO future scope

    In this Chapter on SEO job market scenario in Chennai, I will guide you through some of the SEO Job and career related doubts in your mind.

    " Social May Be Sexy, But SEO Still Pays the Bills" -- Tom Pick

    Above quote by Tom Pick is 100% true. If anyone asks you, is SEO still relevant? Does SEO has any future? My Answer will be, Social media marketing and PPC may provide value add-on. But SEO content marketing is still the backbone of many marketing campaigns and it will remain the same as long as people search in internet, 

    Will these SEO training institutes in Chennai provide a placement guarantee?
    As far as I researched for this complete ultimate SEO training course in Chennai guide, most of these SEO training centers offer guaranteed placement. However, the salary depends on the SEO candidate and the company. 
    Will I get an SEO job in 2020 - 2021?
    I am sure if you learn the topics mentioned in the SEO syllabus section and follow tips provided in this guide, you will get an SEO job in Chennai in 2020 -21. 
    What types of companies hire SEO candidates?
    All categories of companies hire SEO candidates. For example product companies, service companies, e-commerce companies, real estate companies, health care companies, they all need quality SEO analyst to boost their online presence and revenue. Other than them, SEO companies in Chennai & SEO agencies in Chennai also hire SEO candidates. Even top SEO experts in Chennai and top SEO freelancers in Chennai Chennai hire SEO interns in Chennai regularly. You can check for top SEO agencies and freelancers in Chennai here.
    What type of company is recommended to start my SEO career?
    I recommend working for an SEO agency or SEO company or at least an intern with an SEO expert in the beginning. The advantage being you will be exposed to different kinds of SEO clients cutting across multiple verticals. But working with a large product company or with an e-commerce company in their SEO team is also a good option. 
    Will there be an on-campus interview or off-campus SEO interview?
    That depends on your institutes. Some of them conduct campus interviews for SEO positions also. MANY of them refer their SEO students to an SEO agency. In my case, I usually refer my students to top agencies I work regularly in Chennai.  
    What will be the salary for an SEO fresher in Chennai 2020 - 2021?
    Again I cannot answer this simply. It depends on so many factors like your skillset, internship experience, communication skills, writing skills, some proof of rankings, SEO tools exposure, etc. But keeping a reasonably good student and relatively a good institutes in mind, I can say you can get from Rs.18000 to Rs.20000 if you are a fresher. 
    What about the competition in Chennai for the SEO job?
    Like any other field, digital marketing in general and SEO, in particular, has a good amount of competition for jobs. But having said that if you have the necessary skill set and "know SEO in the right way, you can beat any competition to get an SEO job. There are plenty of openings and every single business needs SEO resources in my opinion.  
    Besides a regular job, what are the other ways I can make money through SEO?
    Besides a regular SEO job and the money you earn from it, you can increase your earnings via freelance SEO projects, freelance content writing assignments, blogging, and AdSense, blogging and affiliate marketing, etc. 
    Will I get more salary if I get experienced in this field?
    Of course, like any other job, more the experience, more will be the skill set. Higher will be your salary. But as I know it, most experienced SEO professionals start their SEO agency or start freelancing full-time, or start a blog in a profitable niche and monetize it. 
    What skillset is needed to get an SEO job in 2020?
    On-page SEO, off-page SEO, google search console, google analytics, link building, good communication skills, good written skills. Besides knowledge in HTML or CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Square Space etc is very important to get an SEO job.
    How long it will take to get an SEO job in Chennai?
    Given the market scenario and industry trends, you will not need more than 15 days to get an SEO job in Chennai. Having said that if you want a high paying SEO job or job in a top SEO agency you need more preparation time and attend at least 3 mock SEO interviews and write at least a few blog posts and try to rank them in Google.
    Is there any future for an SEO job?
    As far as I see it, the SEO skill set has a definite future. Yes, it will become more competitive. But it is good. The SEO analyst will always be valued by any company because organic traffic is very important for many businesses. Besides SEO skill set you can be your boss at some point in time in your career. 
    Once you know and rest assured that you have a bright future with an SEO career, its time for our next chapter. Where to find top SEO institutes in Chennai.
    End of Chapter 8

    Chapter 9

    ​SEO training locations in Chennai

    Where the top institutes are located in Chennai?

    See, it is always advisable to find a good SEO expert in Chennai and get training from him/her irrespective of the location. You can travel a few extra miles for a few days to have a rocking SEO career. [In my case I provide online SEO training in Chennai in a one on one basis with guaranteed placement assistance and internship.]
    But if you feel comfortable to get trained only in an SEO training institute in Chennai, you may be the type of person who thinks like I want to identify SEO training centers near me so that I can cut down on travel time. For your benefit, In this chapter, I am going to guide you on some of the locations in Chennai where you can find top SEO training institutes.

    Most of the top SEO training centers in Chennai can be found in the following locations. 
    Location Localities
     Velacherry & T-Nagar: If you are in the following locations, you can choose some good SEO institutes from Velacherry & T-Nagar. Teynampet, Thousand Lights, Gopalapuram, Mylapore, Egmore, Chetpet, Perungudi, Sholinganallur, Alandur, Adyar, Besant Nagar, Triplicane, T. Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Saidapet, Guindy, Madipakkam, Nanganallur, Velachery, Taramani, Pallikaranai, Keelkattalai, Kovilambakkam, Thoraipakkam, Neelankarai, Injambakkam, Chromepet, Pallavaram, Tambaram, Perungalathur, Palavanthangal, Peerkankaranai, Mudichur, Vandalur, Kolappakkam, Mambakkam, Palavakkam, Varadharajapuram, Medavakkam, West Mambalam.
     KODAMBAKKAM:  If you are in the following locations, you can choose some good SEO institutes from Kodambakkam. Red Hills,Ayanavaram, Royapuram,Korukkupet,  Vyasarpadi, Tondiarpet, Tiruvottiyur, Ennore, Minjur, Old Washermenpet, Madhavaram, Manali New Town, Naravarikuppam, Sowcarpet, Puzhal, Moolakadai, Central, Kodungaiyur, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Mathur MMDA, Kolathur, Parry's Corner,  Purasawalkam, Perambur, Manali, Vallalar Nagar, New Washermenpet, Mannadi, George Town, Basin Bridge, Park Town, Periametu, Choolai, Veppery, Pattalam, Pulinanthope, M.K.B Nagar, Selavoyal, Manjambakkam, Ponniammanmedu, Sembiam, T.V.K Nagar, ICF Colony, Lakshmipuram, Oragadam, Ayapakkam, Pattravakkam, Thirumullaivoyal north, Avadi, Kathivakkam, Kodambakkam, Kathirvedu, 
    Erukanchery, Broadway, Jamalia, Kallikuppam, Pattabiram, Kosapet, Villivakkam.
     Vadapalani:  If you are in the following locations, you can choose some good SEO institutes from Vadapalani. Porur, Anna Nagar, Aminjikarai, Ambattur, Defence Colony, Padi, Ayappakkam, Korattur, Mogappair,  Arumbakkam, Avadi, Pudur, Maduravoyal, Koyambedu, Ashok Nagar, KK Nagar, Karambakkam, Vadapalani, Saligramam, Virugambakkam, Alwarthirunagar, Valasaravakkam, Thirunindravur, Thirumangalam, Thirumullaivayal, Thiruverkadu, Nandambakkam, Nerkundrum, Nesapakkam, Nolambur, Ramapuram, Mugalivakkam, Mangadu, M.G.R Nagar, M.G.R Garden, Alapakkam, Poonamallee, Mowlivakkam, Gerugambakkam, MMDA Colony, Thirumazhisai, Iyyapanthangal, Annanur.
    Hope my SEO training locations in Chennai guide will help you find quality SEO training centers near your place of residence and will save you tons of traveling time.
    End of Chapter 9

    Chapter 10

    ​Modes of SEO Training

    Every individual has their own SEO training needs. In this chapter, I will highlight various modes of SEO training in Chennai adopted by leading institutes and SEO experts. You may choose whatever mode that is suitable for you according to your requirements. 
    1. One - On -One classroom SEO training in Chennai:
    • Suitable for students looking for individual attention. 
    • Suitable for entrepreneurs who need more advanced level SEO training. 
    • Mostly small training institutes only provide one-on-one SEO training in Chennai. 
    • Some SEO freelance experts may also take up this training at the location of students.

    Advantages One - On -One classroom SEO training in Chennai:
    • One-on-one SEO training means individual attention from SEO trainers.
    • Customized SEO training according to student requirements is the goal of this SEO training mode.

    Disadvantages of One - On -One classroom SEO training in Chennai:

    • Peer SEO learning and sharing SEO knowledge will be missed in this mode.
    2.One - On -One online SEO training in Chennai:
    • Suitable for working professionals with tight time schedules or limited time availability. 
    • Suitable for business owners looking for SEO training cum consultancy in Chennai.
    • Mostly SEO freelance experts provide this kind of training for the benefits of SEO students. Even a few SEO training centers arrange for one-on-one skype based online SEO training in Chennai.

    Advantages of One - On -One classroom SEO training in Chennai:
    • Individual attention from SEO trainer since it is one-one-one SEO training. 
    • Flexible and comfortable SEO learning from home, so more time for practical assignments and tutorials.

    Disadvantages of One - On -One classroom SEO training in Chennai:

    • Peer SEO learning and sharing SEO knowledge will be missed in this mode too. 
    Most SEO training institutes and centers in Chennai offer SEO training in batches. Some of the common batch types are
    • Weekdays Morning SEO course batch
    • Weekdays Evening SEO course batch
    • Weekdays regular SEO course batch
    • Weekends Regular SEO course batch
    • Sunday Only SEO course training batch
    3. Weekdays Morning SEO course batch:
    Most SEO training institutes and centers provide weekdays morning SEO course batch.
    • Timings: 7.30 AM to 9.00 AM
    • Target Audience: Working professionals near their institute or their home
    • Trainer: Freelance industry SEO expert
    4. Weekdays Evening SEO course batch:
    Most SEO training institutes and centers provide weekdays evening SEO course batch.
    • Timings: 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM
    • Target Audience: Working professionals near their institute or their home
    • Trainer: Freelance industry SEO expert
    5. Weekdays Regular SEO course batch:
    Most SEO training institutes and centers provide weekdays regular SEO course batch
    • Timings: 10.30 AM to 12.00 PM Or 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM or flexible according to the convenience of the batch.
    • Target Audience: Students and freshers with a lot of time to practice and work.
    • Trainer: In-house SEO trainer.
    6. Weekends Regular SEO course batch:
    Most SEO training institutes and centers provide weekends regular SEO course batch for the benefit of professionals 
    • Timings: 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM Or 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM or flexible according to the convenience of the batch.
    • Target Audience: Working professionals who could not attend daily SEO classes in Chennai.
    • Trainer: Industry expert SEO trainer.
    7. Sundays Only SEO course training batch:
    Only very few SEO training institutes and SEO experts provide Sundays only SEO course batch for the benefit of ultra-busy professionals. 
    • Timings: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM with one hour break.
    • Target Audience: Ultra busy professionals and business owners.
    • Trainer: Top SEO experts.
    End of Chapter 10

    Chapter 11

    ​Top SEO agencies in Chennai

    Top SEO Companies in Chennai that regularly recruit students from institutes 

    Sundar Picahi Satya Nadella work for top companies and agencies

    Sundar Pichais and Satya Nadellas were able to fulfill their potential because they work for top notch companies and they get good exposure. Similarly, You must also work in TOP SEO companies to achieve your full potential and get good exposure. 

    I know, the ultimate goal of any SEO student will be to get placed in one of the top SEO companies in Chennai or in one of the top SEO agencies in Chennai. 

    Here is a list of really good SEO employers in Chennai often rated as top SEO companies in Chennai with a good salary and other perks. These agencies tend to regularly recruit SEO students from SEO institutes or students directly trained by SEO experts.
    Company Name: DigitalSEO -

    DigitalSEO (Chennai, Tirunelveli) is an assortment of talented professionals with diversified portfolios to form a team comprising of management personnel, web designers, multimedia specialists and digital strategists who work in an integrated manner to generate the desired outcome from projects.

    • Year established: n/A
    • Services: SEO, SEM, SMO, Content writing, Web Design, Web Analytics, E-Commerce
    • Clients: TiliconVeli, I love diamonds, Chinmaya academy, Cobot, etc. 
    • Website:
    • Address:40 Sampangi Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600033, Tamil Nadu – India
    • Mobile Number:+91-9283183983
    • Email id:
    Company Name:iStudio Technologies -

    iStudio Technologies specializes in the following domains (given in services section) that make the things very helpful to many of their customers. They are not just into the SEO, Digital marketing, web development or design but they also have a strong team of graphic designers that enables many innovative ideas to come positive in a very wooing manner.

    • Year established: 2008
    • Services: Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Mobile App, Software Testing
    • Clients: TiliconVeli, I love diamonds, Chinmaya academy, Cobot, etc. 
    • Website:
    • Address:No: 10/1, 1st floor, Chowdry Nagar 1st Street, Valasaravakkam, Chennai 600087.
    • (Near Kesavarthini bus stop)
    • Mobile Number:+91-8807003902
    • Email id: 
    Company Name: Chennai SEO Company -

    Established by a team of experienced digital marketers and website developers, the Chennai SEO company delivers the total package of quality, performance, and unbeatable value for money. They even serve small and diverse businesses online. They also optimize for all the major search engines.

    • Year established: 2014
    • Services: SEO consultancy, local SEO, national SEO, link building, guest posting, google penalty recovery.
    • Clients: Mamallaa heritage, Mrs. India, Star 3d printing, etc 
    • Website:
    • Address: Primus Building, Door No, SP-7A,1st, and 2nd Floor, Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600032
    • Mobile Number:+91 9790457257
    • Email id:
    Company Name: Init SEO - 
    Init is an SEO and online marketing company. They provide specialized online marketing and SEO services give high-quality web traffic. They also provide leads via SEO and improve brand visibility of their clients. 
    • Year established: n/A
    • Services: SEO, PPC, local SEO, web design.
    • Clients: Shri Vinayaga Engineering, Multi Vista, etc 
    • Website:
    • Address:31/9, South KR Koil Street, 1st Floor, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600033
    • Mobile Number:+91 8939659229
    • Email id:
    Company Name: Raga Designers - 

    Raga designers do SEO marketing at an affordable price. They help build your business online with SEO ranking. They claim to list a brand on top of SERP. 

    • Year established: 2010
    • Services: SEO, web design, Graphics design, e-commerce, PPC, etc
    • Clients: Nabard, TRB, Pik PAK, etc.. 
    • Website:
    • Address: Raga Designers, Old No:32, New No: 25, MMDA Bus Depot, 1, Ko Su Mani St, Loganathan Nagar, Padmanabha Nagar, Choolaimedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600094
    • Mobile Number:+91 9176175888
    • Email id:
    Company Name: Metaforum Solutions -
    Metaforum Solutions is a leading Digital Marketing and SEO company in Chennai. They specialize in SEO, PPC Adwords, Facebook ads. They provide excellent content writing services in Chennai.
    • Year established: 2015 
    • Services: SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Content writing
    • Clients: MSquare Technologies, Tenth Planet Technologies, Jaldi POS, etc.. 
    • Website:
    • Address: Metaforum Solutions
    • Old No: 164, Kumaran Colony, 6h street, Vadapalni, Chennai
    • Mobile Number:+91 8072815326
    • Email id:
    Company Name: Infinix -

    Infinix is a google partner digital marketing and SEO company and highly rated by business review today. They claim to be ROI focussed digital marketing agency. They provide free website and SEO audits. 

    • Year established: n/A 
    • Services: Digital Marketing, Content Development, E-mail Marketing, Web Development, SOcial media marketing
    • Clients: Allsec Tech, T.I.M.E, green trends, FutureFarms
    • Website:
    • Address:37F, Velachery Main Rd, Near To Adyar Anandha Bhavan, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600042.
    • Mobile Number:+91 9094788337
    • Email id:
    Or, if you don't want to join a regular SEO agency or company in Chennai, or if you want to work from home SEO job or internship, you may contact some of the following leading SEO freelancers and SEO experts in Chennai.  

    Top SEO freelancer Expert Consultants in Chennai - Complete Details
    1. Name: Sankar Gurumurthy
    • Website: SEO freelance consultant expert in Chennai -- 
    • Email id:
    • Mobile Number: 8072815326
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out. 

     2. Name: Palnivel Raja
    • Website:
    • Email id:
    • Mobile Number: 9994270633
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out.  

    3. Name: Krishna
    • Website:
    • Email id:
    • Mobile Number:8792538715
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out.  

    Name: Muthu Mariappan
    • Website:
    • Email id:
    • Mobile Number:9894476226
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out. 
    Name: Sankar
    • Website:
    • Email id: N/A
    • Mobile Number:9790945654
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out.  

    Name: Abdul Malick
    • Website:
    • Email id:
    • Mobile Number:9994204540
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out.  

    Name: Sangeetha CS
    • Website:
    • Email id:
    • Mobile Number:9962814668
    • SEO internship Opportunities: Contact to find out. 

    Now, in this chapter, you learned

    1. Top SEO agencies & companies in Chennai to work for, once you finish this SEO training course.
    2. Top SEO freelancer expert consultants in Chennai to do an SEO internship. 

    Now, you know where exactly to work once the SEO course is over,  it is time to move on to the next chapter.
    End of Chapter 11

    Chapter 12

    ​Free SEO training in Chennai

    Are you extremely limited with the budget? Are you looking for free SEO training in Chennai?

    Well, even though I advise you to join an institute or learn from an expert or learn from an online SEO training paid course, But still, if you want, you can get free SEO training from the following places

    Infographic about different ways to get free seo training in Chennai
    1. YouTube: There are plenty of free SEO tutorials on YouTube and you can learn SEO from these SEO tutorials. Note: While searching for SEO free tutorials in YouTube, make sure you choose correct filters like a playlist and recently uploaded videos. This way you can learn complete yet recently uploaded videos, so that content will be latest and according to updated SEO industry standards.  
    2. Udemy: There are a lot of top-rated SEO courses in Udemy and many of them are free also.  Note: While searching for an SEO course in Udemy, don't forget o apply search filter for price and set it to free.  
    3. Blogs: You can learn complete SEO free of cost just by reading top SEO blogs like backlinko, Moz, SEO round table, search engine journal, semrush, ahrefs,Backlinko, Neil Patel, Moz, Gotch SEO etc.  Note: Apart from reading these blogs, you need t practice them by applying these SEO concepts on your website.
    4. Freemium Courses: Many of the top digital marketing Trainers in India like Deepak Kanakaraju, Sorav Jain, Ankur Aggarwal offer freemium SEO courses. So, you can take advantage of their free content.
    5. Internship: If you have some skills like content writing, logo or graphic designing, video editing, etc you can join with a leading SEO company in Chennai or a leading SEO expert in Chennai and do an internship with them, offering your skills to them and get valuable SEO skills and SEO knowledge in return. 
    6. Free SEO training and placement: Few SEO agencies provide free SEO training to students and make them work at lower wages by SEO standards. Usually, these types of openings will come for freshers and come with an SEO job contract (for 2 years or so) to be fulfilled by students. 
    7. One more tip that comes to my mind, is searching for your contacts, friends, relatives, school/college seniors /Juniors who are working in the SEO field. You can search for them on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and request them to teach the basics of SEO at least (for free). 
    8. You can learn SEO freely from tutorials sites like 
    9. You may visit the SEO course page of any top SEO training institutes in Chennai and check their SEO syllabus word by word. Put every small topic you find from these sites on youtube and search for related videos and learn from them. or google search these topics and find blogs and learn from them also. For example, you may use this search operator in google: "topic" inurl: blog

    The disadvantage of free SEO training or learning from scratch independently:
    • If you don't have expert guidance, you may take a lot of time to learn SEO.
    • You may not pick up all the necessary SEO skills.
    • You may not get complete SEO exposure.
    • You may not understand how the SEO industry works in general.

     So, the bottom line is, I advise you to learn SEO from mentors to save you a lot of time and in turn, a lot of money will also be saved. Trail and error self-learning is not good in this data drive internet marketing world.
    End of Chapter 12

    Chapter 13

    ​Common SEO interview questions

    Frequently asked SEO interview Questions
    Thanks Prabhu. Senior Digital Marketer, Crampete, PTE, Ltd. When I asked What SEO interview Questions he will ask a fresher, he came up with these 25 questions. Hope this will help you too.
    As an additional bonus, I would like to provide you with an important SEO resource. In this chapter of this SEO training course in Chennai guide, I will list some of the important SEO interview questions. The goal of this section is, at the end of the your SEO course (wherever you learn), you must be able to conveniently answer some common fundamental SEO questions like these. 
    1. What are the popular search engines? Answer: Some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, duckduckgo. 
    2. What is On-page SEO? Answer: Whatever SEO actions you take within your website to improve the relevancy of your content with respect to the search term is called on-page SEO.
    3. What is Off-page SEO? Answer: Whatever SEO actions you take outside of our website, that is in a 3rd party website to bring traffic to your website and thereby increasing the authority of the website can be termed as off-page SEO.
    4. What are the popular keyword research tools? Answer: Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest keyword planner are the most popular keyword research tools. 
    5. What is a long-tail keyword? Answer: Long-tail keyword usually contains 4 and above words in their search term. For example SEO course - broad or competitive keyword. SEO training in India - medium tail keyword.Best SEO training center in Chennai Tamil Nadu - long tail keyword.
    6. How long it will take to rank a website on the first page of google search results for a keyword? Answer: A standard time cannot be given for google rankings. It depends on many factors like the age of the domain domain authority, competition for the keyword, etc. 
    7. Is page load time a ranking factor? Answer: No. It is not a ranking factor per se. But our site may get penalized in ranking for a very slow page load time. Unless otherwise, you have a very slow website, you need not worry about this. 
    8. What is 301 redirect and why you need it? Answer: 301 redirect is also called a permanent redirect. It redirects one web page to another page at load time. You need this 301 redirect to avoid broken link, 404 error and to preserve link juice. 
    9. Is https site a ranking factor? Answer: Yes. In most cases involving transactions, you need https sites and the security and encryption it brings with it for better SEO ranking. 
    10. What do you think? which is more important? content or backlinks? Answer: Both are extremely important. But content is fundamental. Without good content, you can't hope for good search rankings. Backlinks that are organically and passively built and that bring quality traffic are still very important. 
    11. What are some of the negative SEO factors? Answer: Keyword stuffing, plagiarized duplicate content, poor page speed, poorly optimized mobile sites, poor user experience are some of the common negative SEO factors. 
    12. What are the important user experience SEO factors? Answer: Increasing click-through rates, decreasing bounce rate, increasing dwell time and eliminating pogo-sticking are important user experience SEO measures. 
    13. What is position 0 on the SERP page? How will you achieve it? Answer: Position zero (0) ranking position can be achieved via rich snippets / featured snippets. And the popular method to achieve this is via table content, list content, definition content, people also ask for content, etc.
    14. What are the popular ways to generate white hat backlinks? Answer: Whitehat backlinks are helpful to bring in quality traffic and you can do guest blogging and email outreach to achieve this. 
    15. What types of black hat SEO you should not do? Answer: Blog comment spamming, link exchange, paid links, paid guest posts, keyword stuffing, etc are some of the black hat SEO techniques one needs to completely avoid. 
    16. Is exact match domains necessary for god ranking? Answer: No. is not necessary at all. Low-quality exact match domains will never rank in search results. On the other hand, you can use partial match domain names for your website. 
    17. What are the SEO trends in 2020 - 21? Answer: Voice search, user experience SEO, Video/ image/ infographic contents, long format contents, mobile usability click-through rate and call to actions, code optimization, etc are some of the trending SEO techniques in 2020 - 21.
    18. What are the important SEO tools you know? Answer: SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubbersugest, Moz, Screaming frog, Google keyword planner, Deepcrawl, Longtailpro, etc
    19. What is the difference between do-follow links and no-follow links? Answer: Do follow links will share the link juice whereas No follow links will not share the link juice.
    20. How to get more real estate out of the SERP page? Answer: Through proper use of site links and optimizing your content for featured snippets (structured snippets )  and by using FAQ schema and other schema markups in your content you can get more real estate out of the SERP page.
    21. What are the things to consider while naming or using an anchor text? Answer: Anchor text must be natural. Keywords can't be stuffed over there. Apart from this, you need to consider factors like link co-occurrences or baby anchor text and keyword proximity in the anchor text.
    22. Apart from content what are the other factors that directly affect your rankings? Answer: Apart from quality and in-depth content, other factors like domain authority, page rank, number of backlinks, number of referring domains, brand name visibility (brand building), etc also affect ranking correctly. 
    23. What is the use of the disavow tool? Answer: To remove the effects of bad links, you need to use the disavow tool.
    24. What are the popular WordPress SEO plugins? Answer: Yoast SEO Rank Math and all in one SEO are the three most popular SEO plugins.
    25. What are the popular google algorithms? Answer: RankBrain, Hummingbird, penguin, etc are some of the popular SEO algorithms used by Google.  
    End of Chapter 13

    Chapter 14

    ​SEO Career opportunities in 2020 - 21

    Detailed mind map of SEO career opportunities
    Top 12 SEO career opportunities in 2020 - 21 list:

    1. SEO Analyst:

    More than 60% of the students, after their SEO course, start their career as an SEO analyst in a digital agency or in a start-up or any other product or service company.

    Estimated initial earnings of an SEO Analyst: As an SEO fresher you can expect a minimum salary of Rs. 12,000 and a maximum salary of Rs. 30,000. 

    Pros of being an SEO Analyst: Chances of learning SEO is more. Little or very little financial pressure.

    Cons of being an SEO Analyst: Earnings may not be as much as an independent SEO professional. 


    2. SEO Freelance consultant: 
    If not in the early stages of their career, many SEO SEO professionals turn freelance consultant at a later stage in their SEO career for the sake of exposure and independence. Usually, this will be ideal to start an entrepreneurial journey. 

    Estimated initial earnings of an Freelance SEO consultant: When you start SEO freelancing services with some solid experience, you can earn up to Rs.1.5 lakhs per month easily.

    Pros of being an Freelance SEO consultant: Independence from 9 to 5 working culture. You can make more money if you are willing to work hard.

    Cons of being an Freelance SEO consultant: But you need some financial backup and start, at least in the initial stages of your SEO freelancing career.

    3. Blogging and AdSense: 

    High traffic website with AdSense monetization is an excellent passive income model for SEO students. All you need is a passion for writing to make money passively.

    Estimated initial earnings by doing blogging and AdSense in India: Very difficult to predict revenue of a blog through AdSense. But you can rest assured that you can make good money if your website traffic and click-through rate is good. 

    Pros of doing blogging and AdSense: Real laptop lifestyle. Highly Scalable. 

    Cons of doing blogging and AdSense: Revenue that can be generated from AdSense can change drastically every month. Also if your money site is penalized by Google, you might lose all the traffic and thereby revenue.

    4. Blogging and affiliate marketing: 

    High traffic website in a niche area with industry approved affiliate links is also a good way to leverage your SEO skills to generate some passive income. 

    Estimated initial earnings of doing Blogging and affiliate marketing in India: Very difficult to predict revenue of a blog through affiliate marketing. But you can be rest assured that you can make good money if your website gets quality traffic and if you have quality content and a good CTR.

    Pros of doing Blogging and affiliate marketing: Real laptop lifestyle. Scalable. Much better revenue than AdSense.

    Cons of doing Blogging and affiliate marketing: Revenue that can be generated from affiliate marketing can change drastically every month. Also if your site is penalized by Google, you might lose all the traffic and thereby revenue. Plus Affiliate commissions from some of the top e-commerce players were reduced drastically in 2020. You need to carefully select affiliate channels, else you will end up not monetizing as much as you can do. 

    5. SEO agency: 
    Starting up their SEO agency will be a dream of many SEO professionals. You can also start your SEO agency after a few years of SEO industry experience. All you need to start an SEO agency is to have SEO experience in at least 3 niches. 

    Estimated initial earnings from running a SEO agency in India: In Chennai, many small agencies tend to charge Rupees. 15000 for 10 keywords. Of course, the price may vary according to the keyword difficulty level. Some top SEO companies tend to charge per URL basis.

    Pros of  running a SEO agency: Entrepreneur lifestyle. Very much scalable if you have a remote SEO team and reduce cost of running a physical SEO office.

    Cons of  running a SEO agency: Lots of SEO competition and need to keep track of industry updates. Very competitive SEO pricing in the market, so you might have to compromise of SEO profit margins. 

    6. Entrepreneur: 

    Using your SEO skill set you can start your own business outside of this niche. It could be anything an e-commerce business, or a real estate business or website development business or drop shipping or anything. Whatever be e-business your SEO knowledge will help it to grow faster online. 

    7. Content Writer: 

    Starting a freelance content writing business or starting content writing services in Chennai is also a good career option for SEO students. Essentially you need good English writing skills and a bit of online research capability. That's all you need to start this career.

    Estimated initial earnings of a content writer in India: In Chennai, many content writers charge Rupee one per word. Now you can calculate for yourself. For example: if you write an SEO article or SEO guest post for 1000 words you can charge about 1000 rupees. Of course, technical content writers and product content writers tends to earn a bit more. P.S: If you want to earn a lot via writing, I recommend you to become copywriter. Ad copywriters are the folks who make killing out there. 

    Pros of being a content writer: Suitable for work from home SEO people. Not much SEO investment needed.

    Cons of being a content writer: Same repeated work. Not scalable in terms of revenue generation.

    8. SEO Trainer: 
    Apart from working for an SEO agency or in any other company or even being a freelancer, you can make a side income by becoming a part-time SEO trainer in Chennai by providing freelance SEO training services in Chennai to leading SEO institutes and training centers in Chennai. Or, after the considerable experience, you may start your SEO training institute in Chennai.

    Estimated initial earnings of a SEO Trainer: Many SEO trainers in Chennai working or SEO training institutes, charge 30% of the overall fee. 

    For example, if a student pays 10000 rupees as SEO course fees, the trainer may get up to 3000 rupees. If you get a batch of 5 students, you may earn up to 15000 per batch as aside income.

    Pros of being an SEO Trainer: You will always stay in touch with many aspects of SEO and you will always stay updated about SEO industry updates. 

    Cons of being an SEO Trainer: Offline training is often time-consuming and not scalable per se. 

    9. Digital Marketing consultant

    Apart from starting your career as an SEO consultant, soon you can learn other aspects of digital marketing like PPC, AdWords, Facebook ads, social media marketing, email marketing, etc and become a full-stack digital marketer. 

    Digital marketers usually receive more salary than SEO only professionals. But having said that it is always better to specialize in one thing than being a generalist. I personally know content writing experts or experts who do only SEO copy-writing makes more money than full-stack digital marketers. 
    10. Business Consultant: 
    After gaining a few years of SEO experience, you can become a business consultant thereby helping many businesses set up their SEO team, content strategy, and link building strategies. 

    11. Digital PR agency: 

    Recently, this is becoming popular among SEO analysts in India. Digital Public relations agency or digital PR agency is an agency that finds suitable guest blogs for clients. They also find out potential link creators and gather their email ids and they make an email pitch for links (email outreach for links usually in the disguise of broken link assistance, infographics add-on, guest posting, resource pages etc). 

    Digital PR folks also create good links with the journalist, press people, and .edu domain people so that they can leverage their contacts and create high-quality links.  

    12. Rank and Rent SEO:
    Rand and Rent SEO is becoming very popular among SEO professionals these days. The idea is, as a SEO expert, you can book a website for a local business, book an GMB Account for that business and then optimize the website and GMB for higher ranking. Once the ranking is achieved, you will get leads. At that point you can rent your website for a potential client either on per lead basis or on a monthly retainer  basis. 

    Estimated initial revenue by doing rank and rent SEO: Potentially unlimited. Sky is the limit here. Revenue depends on how many websites you are able to build and rank. 

    Pros of doing Rank and Rent SEO: You can achieve true laptop lifestyle. This model is extremely scalable. You need not worry a lot about SEO client retainer.

    Cons of doing Rank and Rent SEO: Google's algorithm can catch up with this trend anytime. Already we see lot of  volatility in map pack. So, a bit risky from that perspective. 

    Hope, now you understand different career path in SEO and various SEO career opportunities and how to make passive income via SEO and how to generate side income via SEO.  

    Now its time to move on. 
    End of Chapter 14

    Chapter 15

    ​Dear Friend, Use My 17 tips for you to master SEO in the correct way..

    My 17 tips to learn SEO faster in Chennai
    In this chapter, I will reveal 17 tips that you can use right from today to learn SEO much faster. Using these tips you will only learn the correct way of doing future proof SEO techniques that can survive even core algorithm updates. 

    Without further adieu, here are my 17 tips.

    1. Whatever be your current SEO skills always regularly follow and implement tips from the following top SEO authors and blogs like Neil Patel, Brain Dean of backlinko, Moz SEO course, Ahref / SemRush blogs, search engine land/search engine journal blogs.
    2. If you are new to SEO or online marketing, I would strongly advise you against self-learning. If you value time over money, always choose to learn from SEO experts in Chennai. It could be by enrolling for a course from a leading SEO training institutes in Chennai or by attending an SEO tuition classes in Chennai. My point is while self-learning is important for SEO, it is certainly not advisable at the beginning stages where you will not know what is what in SEO and often end up with wasting time and learning all the outdated SEO techniques.
    3. Always take demo classes and have a deep discussion with your SEO trainer in Chennai before committing for SEO classes in Chennai. Compare at least 3 or 4 SEO training centers in Chennai before choosing one for your SEO course. 
    4. If you know something about SEO through your friends or via free online SEO resources, you can learn advanced SEO concepts rather fast from Udemy for advanced level concepts. 
    5. Start a blog immediately in any one of your favorite niches and start writing. Practice SEO regularly by writing in your blog and try to rank for keywords. Even if it is a low competitive long-tail keyword, no issues, you first try to rank them to get them all importance confidence about your SEO skills. Practice will certainly make you learn SEO faster.
    6. Learn at least one content framework strategy every month to improve your SEO content writing and SEO copywriting skills. Also, learn how to promote content via email outreach marketing. This will definitely help your SEO career in the long term. 
    7. Learn micro SEO topics separately by watching free SEO tutorials on YouTube. For example don't search for SEO tutorials or off-page SEO training. Instead search for micro topics like social bookmarking, blog directory submission, etc.. Learn from 100's of these micro SEO videos. In this way you can cover lot of SEO topics within short span of time. 
    8. Have patience and have consistency while learning and practically applying SEO. Because SEO is organic and it takes time and considerable effort to master it.  Remember Turtle & Rabbit Story? Being consistent is far more important than being fast. 
    9. Learn to perform audits on reader or visitor or user persona and learn UX basics. These skills are so essentials for SEO writing these days and it will save a lot of time on CRO (Conversion rate optimization) 
    10. Avoid anyone or any blogs or any tutorials that recommend shady black hat SEO techniques. It will only do your world of bad and it will only waste your time in the long run. 
    11. Learn SEO basics strongly first by having thorough knowledge in often overlooked areas like keyword research before moving to advanced topics like link building. Often selecting wrong keywords may waste even years of your time. I am telling this from my own experience. Count on me in this regard. 
    12. First have some grip and mastery over SEO before moving out to learn other digital marketing techniques like AdWords, social media, etc.. After all there is no point in being the joker of all and master of none. 
    13. Focus on YouTube SEO as much as you focus on Google SEO for getting high-quality traffic to your website.
    14. Learn at least the following SEO tools - Screaming frog SEO spider, Ubbersuggest, Keyword Planner, Google search query operators, SEMrsuh or Ahrehs. 
    15. Never hesitate to buy courses from masters. Money is invested in your skills can only give you returns in multiples. But I don't want recommend any courses here for the sake of being transparent. It will save a lot of time rather learning everything through trail and error. 
    16. Never assume anything in SEO. Search in Google for everything that comes to your mind regarding SEO and learn from free resources.
    17. Never hesitate to experiment with content or user engagement or promotion when it comes to your SEO blog.

    PRO TIP: As a bonus, I would like to give this tip. This may sound controversial. But I believe this will be a huge added advantage. Learn some programming like Python and R even at the basic level or at least learn how to hire freelancers to create small applications or utilities and post that in your blog. This will generate tons of backlinks for your website and blog. For Example, something like a quiz or loan calculator or salary predictor will make good applications for blogs to attractive backlinks from relevant sites.   Other than links, this will help you perform SEO automation
    End of Chapter 15

    Chapter 16

     ​10X increase in the chance of SEO job placement & 2X increase in salary

    SEO audit parameters to learn in a seo course
    Note: At the end of my SEO training course, you will be easily able to perform thorough SEO audit. ( Make sure that is the case, even if you get trained from other institutes). This chapter might sound greeks and Latins for you as of now. But trust me, once your training is over 
    and before going for an interview, perform SEO audit given in this chapter for your interviewer's company website and attend the interview, you will get better SEO offers. 
    Every SEO entry-level beginners, finish an SEO training in Chennai course and directly go and attend a few SEO interviews in Chennai and try their luck. Few of them may get an SEO job within 3 interviews and many of them will get the SEO job within 10 interviews. 
    But if you want to get a high paying SEO job locally in Chennai in your first interview with 2X more salary than a typical SEO fresher, perform a thorough SEO audit of the company for which you are attending the interview. Once the audit is over, prepare an SEO report in a nice excel sheet and explain your report to interviewers.

    It will be a proof for 
    1.  Your SEO expertise
    2. Your seriousness about getting the SEO job
    3. Professionalism and smartness
    4. SEO thought process.
    So, for an example of SEO audit parameters, I have included some of them. Make sure you learn to do an SEO audit in your SEO training course at least for the following parameters. 
    Free Tools used for SEO auditing:

    1. Google (search engine)
    2. Google search console
    3. Google page speed checker
    4. Google structured data checker
    5. Google mobile-friendly checker
    6. Popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet explorer 
    7. Screaming Frog - SEO spider
    8. (Alternatively: SEMrush / Ahrefs)
    9. Manual SEO Audit.
    SEO Audit Parameters:

    • Can Google Index your Site? Use site: - to check this
    • When Google last visited your site - use Google's cached results to check when google last crawled our site.
    • Penalized by Google? - You can use the Google search console report to check this penalty.
    • Broken Code -- Use firefox developer tools to check for broken code in the site. 
    • Hierarchical Structure of site - Use Screaming frog to check this. 
    • Directory Browsing - Use Screaming frog to check this. 
    • Check Keywords to text ratio manually for important sales pages. Many SEO copywriting stuff keywords which is a bad practice 
    • Check whether there is any Hidden Text in the content. 
    • Check whether there is any Small Text in the content. 
    • Excessive Keyword repeats
    • Too many Java script Usage
    • A lot of CSS usage
    • Keyword in Main Domain [ partial match domains are better than exact match domains]
    • Domain Extension [country specific domain extensions are better]
    • Hosted Domain Location. [locally hosted domains tends to be much faster]
    • Keyword in URLs
    • 301 redirects [too many redirects are not good for SEO and site speed]
    • domain registration date. [older the domain, better the SEO ranking]
    • broken links. [Need to fix broken links asap]
    • duplicate URLs (use www versions & google search console/ google webmaster data)
    • Linking page level
    • Internal links
    • External links
    • Keywords in the anchor text
    Web page title 
    •  cannot Exceed 64 characters
    •  cannot have Duplicate page title ( use Google Search Console HTML improvements)
    •  need Keyword presence in the page title
    •  Check if the page title reflects the page?
    Web page Meta description 
    •  check if the length of meta description does not exceed 140 characters
    •   Check if it is unique
    •  identify pages with duplicate meta description
    • whether using heading tags like h1, h2, h3, etc.?
    • if used properly like whether keywords are in heading tags? 
    • Check for https duplication
    • Find if Image names are SEO optimized.
    • Make sure there are no empty Image alt tags.
    • Check if a proper and updated Sitemap.xml is there on the website.
    • Audit for a proper Robots.txt
    • Browser Compatibility (check rendering for major browsers)
    • Page load performance
    • use page speed insights tool
    • Structured data
      use structured data testing tool
    • Test for Mobile friendliness of the site. 
    Do a comprehensive SEO audit for your potential employer's websaite and attend the interview. You can see that they will agree on the salary you demand. 
    End of Chapter 16

      Chapter 17

    ​What to learn after SEO?
    Is this enough for my business or to get a job?

    Funny meme about how agencies prefer digital marketers over SEO
    Is SEO knowledge enough to get me a job in digital marketing? Is this enough for my business to generate leads? Will I get the same salary as a full-stack digital marketer? Or what to learn after SEO in digital marketing? If you have the above questions, read this chapter to find out the answers. 
    Although specialists are good compared to generalists,in the context of online marketing, strong knowledge in more than one module is preferred by the industry. In that sense, full-stack digital marketers are paid more than SEO specialists. 
    How to become a full-stack digital marketer?

    To become a full-stack digital marketer you need to learn the following modules  

    • PPC - Adwords - search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads, dynamic ads, etc..
    • Social media marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, YouTube, Pinterest Marketing and advertisement.
    • Email Marketing: Setup and execute automated email campaigns.
    • Landing Pages: Design and optimization of landing pages with strong knowledge in tools like click funnel, lpages.
    • Web Analytics
    • Learn marketing automation tools like zapier, integromat, etc..
    • Knowledge in the above tools apart from SEO specialization will make you an ideal digital marketing professional for any client and company.

    Note: One cannot specialize in all the modules. My advice is to have something like 'T' Shaped knowledge in SEO. Have strong knowledge in one or two areas in digital marketing and for the rest of the online marketing, modules have at least a basic level of beginner knowledge. 
    End of Chapter 17

    Chapter 18

    ​SEO Salary Trends 

     Average Search Engine optimization (SEO) Analyst Salary and trends in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    SEO salary in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India given in a graph
    In this chapter, you will find out about 
    • Average SEO Analyst salary, perks, benefits and hike in Chennai
    • SEO analyst salary trends in Chennai
    • Types of companies that hire SEO analyst in Chennai
    Job Title: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:

    Average Salary: Rs.2,50,000 per Annum

    The SEO salary in Chennai range and median range is between Rs. 1,10,000 for beginner level to up to Rs. 5,00,000 for professionals at the mid-career level.

    Note: I have not included overtime pay or bonus or profit sharing, tips, employee provident fund (EPF) details here. 

    Of course, our pay range may go up if you know social media optimization (SMO), Search engine marketing(SEM), Social media marketing (SMM), Google Analytics, etc.. 

    SEO salary trends in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India table:

     Experience   Salary Compensation  Level
     Less than 1 year of experience Compensation: Rupees 1,80,000  Beginner level
     1 year to 4 years of experience Compensation: Rupees 2,40,000 Early level
     5 year to 9 years of experience Compensation: Rupees 5,00,000 Mid-career level
    More than 9 years of experience  Compensation: Rupees 12,0000 Expert level
    Indian Locations that pay really good Salary for search engine optimization professionals:
    • New Delhi
    • Bengaluru
    • Mumbai
    India cities where salary for SEO professionals are less 
    • Coimbatore
    • Ahmedabad
    • Hyderabad.
    Want better pay and growth in this field?
    I would suggest you take a full-stack digital marketing course along with knowledge in CMS like WordPress, Shopify, e-commerce, graphic design, etc.. 
    Now, you know what you can expect as a compensation or salary package for SEO skill set, its time to move on to the next chapter.   
    End of Chapter 18

    Chapter 19

    ​SEO course in Chennai - FAQs 

       Frequently Asked Questions on SEO course in Chennai

    SEO Course in Chennai FAQs Frequently asked questions cover image gif made with canva
    Q: What is the best SEO training center in Chennai?

    A: The best SEO training center in Chennai is listed in this section. There are no one best SEO training institutes in Chennai. It depends on so many factors.
    Q: Will the SEO training institutes in Chennai provide any SEO course certificates?

    A: Yes. Most of these SEO training institutes in Chennai will provide an SEO course completion certificate.
    Q: What is the industry-recognized best SEO certification?

    A: The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), MOZ certification, Hubspot certification are some of the industry-recognized certifications. In this field experience and ability to produce results are valued much more than certifications. 

    Q: How much time does it take to learn SEO?
    A: You need at least 20 to 40 days to understand most of the SEO concepts. (considering you are willing to invest at least 3 hours daily). 
    Q: What is the SEO course fees in Chennai?

    A: SEO course fees in Chennai is in the range of Rs. 8000 to Rs.25000 depending on the institute and trainer.
    Q: Will I get a guaranteed job in the digital marketing filed after I finish the SEO course?

    A: Most probably you will get a job in this field considering the job market scenario. But for that, you must have reasonably good English writing skills and good exposure to how the internet works. 

    Q: Will I get a free SEO training in Chennai?

    A: No institute is providing free SEO training in Chennai. But if you cannot spend money to learn SEO, try some of the popular SEO channels from YouTube.

    Q: Is SEO a good career choice?

    A: SEO is a really good career choice. The internet has just started to penetrate our lives. There will be more demand for this scope in the future also. The only challenge is you need to constantly update yourself in this field.

    Q: What are the pre-requisite to learn SEO in Chennai?

    A: Pre-requisite to learn SEO are reasonable good English writing skills and knowledge about the internet in general. 

    Q: How to get Google certification?
    A: Through Google partners platform, you can take various Google certification exams. 
    Q: When will the SEO course start in Chennai? Is any demo class available?

    A: Most of the SEO training institutes in Chennai conduct regular SEO classes throughout the year. There will be no standard starting batch time and all. So you can contact any institutes, arrange a demo class and if you are interested, you can join them.   

    Q: Which is better online SEO training or classroom SEO training?
    A: Online SEO training is cost-effective. Besides you can learn from real industry experts. But if you are not comfortable, you can opt for classroom SEO training in Chennai also. 
    Q: What are the major topics in SEO?

    A: Major topics in SEO are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Content writing, Google analytics, Google search console, Indexing, building backlinks, page load speed optimization, etc.. 

    Q: What is the qualification required to join this SEO course? 
    A: Practically speaking there is no qualification required to join this SEO course. Anyone who is interested to achieve high google search rankings can join this course.
    Q: What about the quality of faculty in the SEO training institutes in Chennai?

    A: Honestly not all of them are working with quality faculty or trainers. Just take two or three demo classes from SEO faculties before deciding to join them. 

    Q: Will these institutes provide SEO course materials?

    A: Yes. Most of these institutes provide SEO course materials along with recordings of SEO classes 'for future reference. [most of these SEO materials are in pdf format not printed SEO materials. ]

    Q: What about SEO course refund?
    A: Most of these SEO training institutes in Chennai don't offer any SEO course refund. But they all do offer SEO course demo in Chennai. You can attend that freely and discuss all the details, clarify all the doubts and then you can join that institute.
    End of Chapter 19

      Chapter 20

    ​ SEO course duration in Chennai

    In this chapter, I am going to list down day - by day split up of SEO course schedule followed by almost all the SEO training institutes in Chennai. Of course, needless to say, this is just a general schedule and it may vary from institute to institute (only slightly)

    "SEO course duration in Chennai is normally 45 hours (16 days, 3 hours daily)"

    1. Day 1: Search engine optimization Basics
    2. Day 2: Keywords, keyword research tools, keyword research ideas, types of keywords and exercise
    3. Day 3: Optimizing content for the keyword, keyword density, LSI words importance. Case studies. Assignment. 
    4. Day 4: Meta tags and optimizing meta tags for keywords. Image SEO optimization for google image search.
    5. Day 5: Links and types of links (do-follow, no follow, inner links, external links, inbound links, outbound links. Basic HTML knowledge to create links. CMS introduction. Link juice or link mass. 
    6. Day 6: Social links, social share links, map links, broken link building, outdated link building. Assignments.
    7. Day 7: 301 redirect, 404 error, canonicalization. Homework. case studies. 
    8. Day 8: Robots.txt, sitemap.xml, google search console. Indexing studies and examples.
    9. Day 9: About us page optimization, Contact us page optimization. Mini project.
    10. Day 10: One-way links, two-way links/ link exchange, three-way links, pyramid link building, miscellaneous topics like ideal footer for SEO, the copyright for SEO, domain age, domain name, domain hosting location, etc..
    11. Day 11: Technical SEO, Optimizing page speed, Optimizing for mobile-friendliness, AMP, etc.
    12. Day 12: Off-page SEO techniques like PDF/ PPT/ DOC submission, Infographic submission, Image submission, video submission, Q & A submission.
    13. Day 13: Off-page SEO techniques like article submission, blog directory submission, social bookmarking, social media submission, Press release submission, blog commenting, etc..
    14. Day 14: Techniques for email outreach create content for backlink building and passive backlink building strategies.
    15. Day 15: Google Analytics and SEO reporting templates. Content strategy frameworks, tools, road maps, revisions, and material submissions. 

    Normally above is the schedule followed by most institutes. Some institutes cover them in one week. Some will cover 'them for 3 weeks. More or less most of the SEO training institutes in Chennai follow the above schedule.
    End of Chapter 20

    Chapter 21

    ​SEO course batch size

    SEO course batch size illustration of individual vs group training
    WHAT IS good for you? Learning in a batch with a group of students. Or Learning individually.
    Typically when it comes to a professional course like SEO training, it will be always in the minds of students like what is good for them? Is learning in batch good? Or individual training is good? Is direct training from an SEO expert is good? or classroom training from SEO institutes are good? Read on this chapter to find out what is best for you.
    SEO course in Chennai comes with various batch sizes
    • Single person batch for direct attention.
    • Small batch size up to 4 or 5 students for students and beginner level freshers.
    • Large batches of more than 10 students for working professionals on weekends. 
    1. For students: Students will always be used to get training in a group. But this course demands some attention from the trainer. So you can choose institutes that offer SEO courses in small batch size. 
    2. For Beginner level students and people looking for a job: If you don't know anything about SEO and want to learn SEO from scratch and if you don't want to learn SEO from home, you can also join some SEO training center in Chennai that offers SEO course in small batch size. 
    3. For working professionals: For working professionals, if you cannot go to an institute daily for SEO training and if you have some idea about SEO, either you can take direct online training form an SEO expert or you can join weekend batches SEO course in Chennai offered by many institutes. Usually, these batches will have more than 10 students. 
    4.  For business owners /entrepreneurs: Since business owners and entrepreneurs want to learn SEO fro their own needs and require customized SEO training, they should opt for individual SEO training in Chennai. or SEO training at home in Chennai. 
    5.  For work from home mothers/ professionals: Most of the work from home mothers require individual SEO training in Chennai rather than group training, since they will need a lot of customized training for freelance related projects.

    I hope you can find out which batch is suitable for you and why. Trust me I have trained 100's of students in SEO and I believe I correctly mapped the student's profile to SEO batch size in this chapter.  

     Chapter 22

    ​Who can (should) do the SEO course? 
    Find out if you can do SEO course.

    • who-can-do-this-seo-training-course-in-chennai-eligibility
    In this chapter of this SEO training course in Chennai guide, I will reveal eligibility of SEO course. I will also write about who can do an SEO course in Chennai and who cannot do SEO course (Or should not).
    SEO course eligibility:
    • Practically no eligibility
    • Anyone who is interested in online marketing, content writing, blogging, etc. can do this SEO course.
    Who can do this SEO course in Chennai?
    Following people/ students can do this SEO course in Chennai
    1. Students: Students who are looking for a trending career in digital marketing can choose this course and find a summer internship program to polish their SEO skills. 
    2. Beginner level freshers: Freshers or beginners or entry-level students can choose this SEO course. This is a good path for becoming a full-stack digital marketer later in your career. You will also get a job in this field going by the industry demand. 
    3. Employees looking for a career change: If you are scared about recession and automation AI in your industry and job loss because of it, you can always choose this recession-proof field. 
    4. Business owners/ entrepreneurs: If you own a business, then this is a must course for you to generate quality leads for your business. Organic traffic is very crucial for any business and this SEO course will help you achieve that. 
    5. People looking passive income: Students looking for passive income through blogging and AdSense can choose this course and this necessary for you to generate organic traffic for your site. 
    6. Freelancers: People looking to build some work from home freelance career can look into this SEO course. This will be suitable for you. 
    7. Web Designers: SEO knowledge will be very much helpful for web designers to create search engine friendly websites. You can also upsell an additional service to your clients. 
    8. UI/ UX designers: Like web designers, UI / UX professionals can also do this course for an additional related skill set. 
    9. Bloggers: If you are interested in blogging? Or if you want to start your blog? then this course is an absolute must for you to have a good career in blogging. Organic web traffic is fundamental to the success of any blog and you need SEO skills to achieve that. 
    10. Content writers: If you are a content writer or want to be a content writer, then learn SEO to produce search engine friendly content that easily ranks for higher SERP positions. 
    11. Work from home professionals: SEO career is one of the legitimate work from home career and you can find plenty of work from home jobs in this area. 
    12. Graphic designers: You can learn this skill set to up-sell another service for an existing client and also as a side income source. 
    13. Video editors: You can learn this skill set to up sell another service for an existing client and also as a side income source. 
    14. Professional photographers: With many photo-sharing apps like Instagram are becoming popular, photographers are in demand with the digital marketing industry and if you can know at least basics of SEO, you can do yourself a lot of good. 
    15. Marketing managers: You need to pick up at least basic SEO skills to manage an SEO team to get things done from an SEO team. (if you are not looking for an SEO role in your career). 
    16. MBA students and professionals: SEO and other digital marketing skills are most suitable for MBA professionals than any other professionals. 
    17. Social media professionals: Needless to say, you would have felt that in your career so far. 

    So why wait? enroll in an SEO course in Chennai and position yourself as a valuable digital marketing resource for your company. 

    End of Chapter 22

      Chapter 23

    ​Future and scope of SEO
    Find out where the SEO industry is heading? And if this SEO career is stable 

    You would have probably asked if SEO can be a good career? What is the future of SEO? Is SEO dead? , etc.. In this chapter, I will answer everything regarding this and I will also reveal what is the future of SEO?
    SEO is not dead. In fact SEO is growing. But is mastering google SEO or Bing SEO or duckduckgo SEO is not enough. You need to master multi dimensional search engine optimization across many platforms. Some of the  platforms you need to master are given in the following list
    1. Video SEO: 
    With internet penetration happening in our country and with cheap and fast mobile internet connections, consumption of video content is increasing exponentially. You can get a good chunk of your website traffic from various video platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. if you rank your video higher in search results of these platforms.
    2. YouTube SEO:
    YouTube being the second most popular search engine, an SEO specialist cannot afford to miss traffic from that platform. Optimizing video titles, description, tags, thumbnail images, view retention, good click through rate, video length are some of the video SEO factors that will help rank your videos high up in YouTube search results. Besides you can occupy google search positions on queries involving how to, tutorials, step by step procedures, etc. with your YouTube videos.
    3. Image SEO:
    Often overlooked or underutilized website traffic source is image results in Google. If you have a good image or infographic that is SEO optimized and if it ranks well in Google image search results, you can get a considerable amount of traffic from the image. 
    4. Amazon SEO:
    Many sellers in the world's top eCommerce platform, Amazon are looking for Amazon SEO specialist in Chennai, to rank their products in higher search positions of AMazon product listing. Higher their position, more their product will be viewed and sales will happen. As an SEO professional, you should look into this opportunity. 
    5. eCommerce SEO:

    Also with e-commerce sites mushrooming almost every day in all niches, it is good to look into e-commerce SEO sooner than later. Competition in this area is very much lesser compared to google SEO professionals. Demand is also more for e-commerce SEO specialists in Chennai these days. 

    6. Vernacular SEO:

    In a country like India, where more than 60% of the population consumes internet content in their local language like Tamil, Vernacular SEO is a huge untapped market for SEO professionals. 

    7. Shopify SEO:

    With almost 60% of eCommerce websites in Chennai in particular or India, in general, being developed in Shopify platform, it is recommended to master Shopify SEO to get those clients. A potentially huge untapped opportunity is waiting for you.

    8. Podcast SEO:

    The podcast is fast becoming a popular form of content in 2019 and this trend is expected to grow more in 2020
    also. It will be a great SEO skill in your armory to mater podcast SEO by learning to optimize
    podcast title, transcript, tags, etc.. This will generate huge traffic for your site since Google
    has officially announced that it will list podcast in the search result page. 
    9. SEO for dropshipping:
    Mastering SEO for dropshipping will help you get more customers from sites like Flipkart, Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc.. Daring youngsters looking for entrepreneurship opportunities may take up dropshipping by mastering SEO skills required.
    10. Mobile SEO & voice SEO:
    Since the number of google search from mobile platforms overtook desktop /laptop, considering the nature of these platforms, you must pick up mobile SEO and voice SEO skills. 

    11. Mobile Apps SEO or ASO - App Store SEO:

    Since mobile applications or simply apps is the new trend in the industry, being a specialist in google play store SEO or in the Apple app store or Amazon App Store will boost your SEO career.
    12. Other platforms:

    Besides the above platforms, SEO skills are often rare to find in following areas news SEO, maps SEO or map pack SEO, Pinterest SEO,Reddit SEO, ASO,  etc.. If you can pick up these skills, it will do a world of good for your online internet marketing career.

    End of Chapter 23

     Chapter 24

    ​SEO industry certification
    What are the industry-recognized SEO certifications?

    SEO course completion and internship certificate provided by me for chennai students
    A Sample SEO course Completion and Internship Certificate provided by me for Chennai Students
    Although I strongly believe when it comes to SEO, only proof an employer checks with a candidate is their ranking ability. However in this chapter I will list some of the industry-recognized SEO certifications. 
    • The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
    • Google Webmaster certification exam 
    • Besides, you can write a blog and try to rank a few keywords. What better proof a client requires.
    • Case studies / SEO audits before SEO interviews will help you crack the interview.
    • Moz SEO certification.
    • Huspot SEO content marketing certification. 
    End of Chapter 24

              Chapter 25

     ​   SEO Tutorials 
    Learn the basics of SEO through this free SEO tutorial

    • Keyword Research: Use free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest or Google keyword planner to identify hundreds of keywords for your business.
    • Competitors Keyword: Use the above tools to identify the best performing keywords of your competitor.
    • Keyword ideas: Using the above tools you can also identify good keyword ideas free of cost. What is the best keyword for you? If you are a new business, always choose long-tail low competitive commercial intent keywords for your landing pages for the initial traffic and conversion. You may also choose medium competitive medium tail keywords for your blogs to bring in traffic and thereby increase your domain authority by building backlinks. 
    • Mistake to avoid while choosing a keyword: Never choose the same keyword as your competitor if their domain score is much higher than your domain authority. [well at least initially]
    • Ideal content-length: While there is no prescribed amount of words in your content, I will strong recommend you to write at least 1500 words in your content.
    • Never have copied content on your website. Not even a single line of copied content is allowed for good search ranking.
    • Use a lot of latent semantic (LSI) words in your content for more search engine relevancy.
    • Always answer the public in your content. 
    • Keyword relevancy: Include keywords in Title tag and meta description for a better click-through rate (CTR). 
    • Try to include the keyword in meta keywords. Make sure you have a keyword within the first 100 words of your content along with keywords and related words in h1 and also in other header tags.
    • Never stuff keywords in your content. Don't exceed 1% keyword density in your SEO copy.
    • Optimize image name and image properties for keywords.
    • Use the keyword in image alternate text or alt text and image title. This will help you rank high for google image search results also. It is a potential source of traffic besides being a relevancy booster.
    • Remember that no website will link to your commercial sales page. It is always blogs that you write brings the backlinks. So focus on writing quality blog content regularly that is link-worthy content and make sure that you promote your content to potential link givers via email outreach and digital pr activities.
    • Always use a lot of inner links in your content to link to relevant pages within your website and also link to your commercial sales page. This is called authority sculpting. 
    • Make sure you have updated and relevant about us page / about me page on your website. Use credentials and authority to make yours about page more trustworthy. 
    • Do not worry too much about the ratio between inbound and outbound links on your website.
    • Use external links in your content to link to authority and relevant sites. Don't hesitate to use
    • do-follow links in this case.
    • Use no-follow links effectively to preserve link juice or link mass. 
    • Always remember the quality of backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks. 
    • Make sure you get backlinks from authority sites that are relevant to your niche.
    • Backlinks from high PR (page rank) sites that are popular will also boost your search rankings.
    • Never build backlinks using shady techniques like link exchange, one-way link, link triangle or three-way links or through link pyramids. Always find content strategies that give you passive links.
    • Make sure your site does not have even a single broken link to avoid trust issues.
    • Use 301 Redirect or permanent redirect judiciously. While this is necessary in some cases to preserve link juice & to avoid broken links, too much usage of 301 redirects will make your website slower.
    • Effectively utilize 404 error pages to retain the traffic and you can be creative while designing 404 error pages.
    • Use Google search console effectively to submit your website for indexing, check traffic sources, to submit sitemaps, to find out HTML improvement, to identify mobile issues, etc..
    • Efficiently use structured snippets and data highlighters to occupy position zero in search results.
    • Regularly update sitemap.xml and sitemap.html on your website.
    • Proper utilization of robots.txt along with instructions for google bots or bing bots will go a long way to improve your rankings.
    • URL canonicalization and IP canonicalization will help your website to come over duplicate content issues.
    • Always use secure sites or https sites and google recently confirmed this as a ranking factor.
    • As far as possible make your URL look natural with keywords and less in terms of size. Make it more readable by avoiding .html extension through the .htaccess file. 
    • Updated and proper copyright information is an added advantage to can utilize on.
    • Focus a lot on your site's footer information. An ideal footer must have updated copyright information, privacy policy, terms, and conditions, important links within the site, social media links, social share links, etc..
    • Always choose your hosting provider carefully for optimal site speed. A dedicated cloud hosting is ideal for page speed rather than shared hosting which will your website slower.
    • Use hosting provider from your country as far as possible.
    • Domain age matters to some extent when it comes to SEO ranking. Don't expect a brand new website to rank immediately. 
    • Always use white hat techniques when it comes to link building.
    • Links from a variety of categorized sites like pdf/ppt/doc submission sites, infographics sites, image/video sites, Q&A sites, article sites, directory sites are all good.
    • Do guest blogging regularly to build backlinks but never go for the paid guest post. You may get penalized for that.
    • Use disavow files to wade off the negative impacts of bad links.
    • PRO TIP: Focus on both content and as well as building backlinks equally. It is said that while content is the King, the backlink is the queen. 
    End of Chapter 25

    Chapter 26

    ​About the author of this SEO training course in Chennai guide

    Author of this guide, Mr. Sankar Gurumurthy is a freelance Digital Marketing and SEO consultant in Chennai. His online marketing skillset includes SEO, Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Content writing, etc.. With rich experience in training and consulting behind him, he wished to contribute to SEO learners in Chennai with this free guide. He is a Google Adwords certified professional. He has digital marketing clients from multiple niches.

    Some of the services provided by him:
    • Digital marketing services in Chennai
    • SEO services in Chennai
    • Content writing services in Chennai.
    • Web Design & Web development services in Chennai
    • Graphic design services in Chennai

    TO get directly trained from him, talk to him @ 9894526937
    End of Chapter 26

    Chapter 27

    ​About this SEO Training Course guide
    [Learn how to use this guide for a good SEO training]

    Dear friends. Warm greetings. 

    A small write up about this guide. With growing 
    internet penetration among masses in India and with rising use of the internet by people, many small and big businesses are compelled to have a strong online presence.  These businesses can get clients and gown their business through website traffic from search engines.  That is why one can see a huge demand for quality and well trained SEO professionals. 

    This guide is about search engine optimization basics and SEO training courses in Chennai. I have compiled information that can be useful to you regarding your journey in this SEO filed. I have compiled this information to the best of my ability.

    Friends, you can find information about best SEO training institutes in Chennai, SEO course fees in Chennai, SEO course duration, SEO course job SEO, SEO training syllabus you can find in various SEO training centers in Chennai, SEO course timings, SEO course duration, SEO trainer profile, etc. 

    I have written this guide honestly and truthfully to the best of my ability. But I advise you to do your own research before choosing this field or choosing a product/ service/ training institutes recommended here.