Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai

Greetings and welcome to my website. I am Sankar and I am a Freelance Digital marketing consultant in Chennai. I specialize in Integrated Digital marketing & offer solutions in areas like Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing & Lead Conversion. Online marketing tools integration, automation & analytics are my areas of interest.

If you are looking for Digital Marketing/ SEO training in Chennai ( Direct or via Skype), call me at 8072815326 for details. Or chat with me via whatsapp using this link 
freelance digital marketing consultant chennai
Freelance Digital Marketing consultant in Chennai

Freelance Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai

Being a leading Freelance Digital Marketing expert in Chennai, I offer online marketing consultancy services for SMEs, Small Businesses, Solopreneurs & individuals. Some of the services include

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Adwords
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation management
  • Re-marketing / Re-targeting
  • Email campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integration of various Marketing process & tools etc..

Lead Management Services

3 phases of Lead Management life cycle are

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Conversion

As a Digital marketing freelancer in Chennai, I offer services in these areas to my clients.

Lead Generation:

Generating quality leads via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Adwords and accurately targeted social media ads.

Lead Nurturing:

Once quality leads are generated, they will be nurtured for conversion using automated email campaigns and re-targeting ads across multiple platforms.

Lead Conversion:

Using custom CRM & excellent Ad copy, prospective leads can be converted to paid customers.

Being a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai, my role is to implement & automate all the above process with integration of various tools & APIs involved

Out of the box Internet Marketing solutions

Every business has its own requirements. Every business has its own context, unique audience/customer etc. One solution will not fit everyone. As a Digital Marketing consultant in Chennai, I will sit with, analyze your needs, identify customers, generate leads from the customer pool, nurture them, pitch them sales, convert them, re-target them.

For Ex: Just SEO ranking is not going to give you any customer. You need to nurture them, win their trust, pitch your sales and then sell to them. Agreed, SEO will give you quality traffic. But there are other ways to get traffic. SEO is just one source of traffic. Nevertheless major source of traffic. But other sources are there. As a Digital marketing consultant in Chennai, my approach will be an integrated approach.(including SEO).

Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai
Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai

Freelance Digital Marketing Services in Chennai

  • Guaranteed Lead Generation (Through SEO/ Adwords)
  • Guaranteed Lead Generation (Through Social Media Ads)
  • Guaranteed Lead Generation (Through Growth Hack Techniques)
  • Installation of chatbots
  • Installation of push notifications
  • Installation of Facebook pixels, google tag manager, LinkedIn re marketing code etc
  • Lead Nurturing through email campaigns ( Minimum you send around 2 lakh highly targeted emails freely per month with automation campaigns)
  • Lead nurturing through chatbots including messenger
  • Lead nurturing through re-targeting across multiple platforms (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Display Network, YouTube etc)
  • Lead conversion case study training (including setting up online event, webinars etc) and much more

As a Digital Marketing expert in Chennai, you can expect guaranteed services from me from the above areas.