Free E-Mail Marketing Tools

E- mail marketing is one of the cost effective and efficient marketing channels. Almost 60 to 70% sales of our consultancy business happens through E-mail marketing. Its the same with any company that adopts good E-mail strategies.

If You are new to E-mail marketing, I will suggest you not to go for paid tools or plans immediately. Rather play with free tools and free plans for a while, understand nitigrities of email marketing before upgrading your plan. In this blog, I am going to suggest two such E-mail marketing tools that has excellent free plans. Between them you can send about 78000 mails for 3000+ subscribers a month.

1. Zoho Campaigns

With very simple interface and design, Zoho's E-mail campaign is one of the easiest tool for running your E-mail campaigns. They have excellent collection of templates ( plain, html). They allow you to send 12000 mails for 2000 subscribers per month. Zoho is one company that gives huge amount of E-mail sending options under free plan.

Zoho Mail

Features: List management, Reports, Statistics, High delivery rate, Excellent support, Extensive pre-defined tags for customization etc..

Things not allowed in free plan: Auto Responders, Automation, Drop marketing, Subscription form etc..

2. E-mail Octopus

E-mail Octopus's caption is "E-marketing next to nothing". True to its words, it offers by far the cheapest E-mail Marketing solutions. Even for free plan you can send up-to 66000 mail per month. In free plan they allow up-to 1000 subscribers. They deliver their E-mail using Amazon's AWS platform. 

email octopus

Features: List Management, Multiple sender E-mail Id support, Reports, Statistics, Automation. It is one of the very few tool that support automation in free plan. Also it's paid plan is extremely cheaper. 

On the flip side, reports and statistics are not available for automation campaigns. Need to watch delivery rate for automation campaigns, while delivery for broadcast campaigns are quite high. 


Before going for paid plan, I suggest new E-mail marketers to subscribe for free plans with Zoho and E-mail octopus and play around to understand system better.