Facebook Re- Marketing: Best Strategies

Facebook Re-marketing is a boon for advertisers and marketers. It is one of the best Re-Marketing platforms. In-terms of performance, it gives better ROI than even Google Display Ads. (Re-Marketing , is displaying ads to customers who already visited your website or to customers who have shown interests in your business. )


While there are different ways of Re-marketing in Facebook. In particular, I am a fan of couple of techniques. In this post, I will write about them.

Re-Marketing Website Visitors in Facebook

While Re-Marketing website visitors is one of the common types of Re-Marketing, Facebook is the platform which actually gives the best ROI for this type. To implement this Re-Marketing, you need to install Facebook Pixel in your website. ( Facebook pixel is a unique code for your business page, that, upon installation, keeps track of who visits your website and what action they take and so on.) Using this pixel Facebook tracks website traffic and shows ad to people who visits your website.


You can target anyone who visits your website for any number days. It could by 1 day, 20 days, 30 days and son on.


You can also show your ads to people who visited any specific page, or people who visited specific page and not others (People visiting product page but not buying anything), or people who haven't visited for particular amount of period.

Facebook Re-marketing through custom audience

This is the greatest gift by Facebook to advertisers and businesses. Through this you can show your ads to anyone using their mobile number or using their e-mail id. Suppose, if you have your potential customer database, you can use them to create a custom audience and show your ads to these audience.


You can directly upload csv file containing customer data or simply paste customer data to crate this custom audience. Minimum number of audience must be 20, for this type of advertisement to run. Facebook ad cost for this type tends to slightly higher than other types of ad, but that is a small trade-off when compared to accuracy in target audience.