E-Mail Marketing : Most Cost effective and Efficient Marketing for Businesses

If, you are not using E-mail marketing for your business, you are missing out greatly. E-mail marketing is not sending e-mails from Gmail (which is not trackable). It is much more than that. It is the best cost effective and efficient marketing tool. I this post, I will be sharing Benefits, Do's and Don'ts of E-mail Marketing.

e-mail marketing

Benefits of E-mail Marketing

  • Highly Targeted: Displaying Ads in Social Networks, Newspapers, Random Websites are thing of past, because they are highly un-targeted. But E-mail marketing is highly targeted. You know exactly to whom you are sending your emails. In fact it is second only to search ads in-terms of targeting and even better than search ads in-terms of ROI. 
  • Tractable: You can easily track the performance of your E-mail campaigns. Ex: Open rate, No of forwards, No of link clicks, Bounce rates etc.. you can individually know who open and don't open your E-mails and take action upon it. 
  • Best ROI: In terms of Return on Investment , none of the marketing techniques can match E-mail marketing. As , some Digital Marketers say, E-mail marketing is next to nothing when it comes to cost of marketing. Here are two almost free e-mail marketing tools.
  • Easily Scalable:  You can keep on adding subscribers to your list and segment them without changing landscape of your marketing funnel. That's very important in long term considerations. 

Do's of E-mail Marketing

  • Building E-mail List: The success of your E-mail campaign depends on the subscribers in your list. Don't randomly send E-mails to people and spam them. It will affect your credibility, Build your E-mail list properly for correct targeted audience. I personal recommendation is to use Facebook for building e-mail list. 
  • Focus on Content: The second most import factor in the success of your E-mail campaign is the content. Focus on creating great content for your E-mail. That will automatically increase open rates and there by increase your credibility and conversion. you don't have send E-mails daily. You can One E-mail per week or couple of weeks. But it must be very useful to the subscriber and it must be of highest quality. 
  • Use Automation: Automation and Drip marketing are the buzz words with regard to E-mail marketing. you can automate the entire process in-terms of email sending based on day/time or based on action on previous e-mails. This is help your campaign to be highly organized. 
  • Segment your E-mail list: Don't send ever E-mail to everyone. Properly segment your subscribers according to age groups, genders, e-mail responses, buying patters and so on.  This will ensure that correct e-mail will be delivered to correct person. 

Don'ts of E-mail Marketing

  • Don't spam by sending E-mails randomly or by sending E-mails to subscribers not in your list. This will affect your credibility. 
  • Don't send E-mails daily to retain customers. Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Don't mess with subject line of your email by too much of promotional words.