Digital Marketing Course Fees in Chennai

How to negotiate & reduce your Digital Marketing Course Fees in Chennai?

  • I see many questions regarding Digital marketing course fees in Chennai on websites like Quora. In the process, I also find many answers to that question.
  • But unfortunately, most of them are irrelevant and least helpful ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž. None of the answers speak from the student's point of view. You will not find information like how much actual digital marketing coaching Centers charge and how you can negotiate with these academies to reduce the training cost. ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž
  • But Do not worry. The good news is, in this article, you will find the exact Digital marketing course fees in Chennai offered by different institutes in Chennai ๐Ÿ˜Š. Not only that. I will also reveal "14 proven techniques" to reduce the Digital marketing training fees in Chennai.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
  • These techniques really benefited 100's of students who wish to pursue this online marketing course. 

Infographics about digital marketing course fees in Chennai page details

Before revealing digital marketing course fee negotiation techniques, first I would like to reveal some important pieces of information like

 If you want to skip this information and directly read course fee negotiation techniques, you can very well do that. 

Without further adieu, let's get into the business.

โ€‹โ€‹What is the actual digital marketing course fees in Chennai for 2020 - 2021?

This is pretty much difficult to answer, as there are plenty of training centers in Chennai charge fees arbitrarily. But for your sake, I classify them into the following categories. But below is a pie-chart that reveals digital marketing course fees in Chennai.

Pie chart about digital marketing course fees offered by various institutes in Chennai
Pie Chart Split Up for Course Fees

Average course fees:

Most of the institutes charge somewhere between Rupees 12,000 to Rupees 18,000. You can probably take Rupees 15,000 as the standard fees when it comes to digital marketing courses. 

Lowest course fees:

I have noticed a few institutes offer this education for as low as Rupees. 7000. [ I recently saw a Google Ad for Digital marketing course with Rs.5000 training]. 

Highest Course fees:

There are few institutes claiming agency style digital marketing courses and they charge Rs. 50,000 and above. Even though there is a certain correlation between fees/ price and quality, one needs to carefully check before spending that kind of money.

Bottom line:

My take is Rupees. 15,000 category seems to be the average digital marketing course price which is fair enough. Anything less than that, I don't think no one can do justice when it comes to delivering digital marketing classes. " Rs.15,000 is the standard Digital marketing course fees in Chennai. "

โ€‹โ€‹Mode of payment:

Almost all the institutes in Chennai support different payment modes for Online marketing courses. That includes 
  • Payment Apps:  You can use various payment apps like Google Pay, PayTM, etc to pay the class fee.
  • Cards: Most training centers have swiping machines so that you can use credit and debit    cards for fees payment. 
  • Net Banking: If you prefer, you can also use Net Banking to transfer the fee amount to the training center. 
  • Traditional Option: You can also use the traditional cash and receipt option while paying digital marketing course fees.

โ€‹โ€‹Payment Installment and split up:

Most of the digital marketing training centers in Chennai provide flexible payment options for course fees, including multiple installments and course split-ups. You can find the following patterns followed by 99% of the training centers

1. Monthly Course fee installment: 

Since most digital marketing training takes around three months, most coaching centers offer monthly installments for 3 months for the benefit of students paying their digital marketing course fees in Chennai.

For example, if an institute charge around Rs.15,000, then they will provide an option of monthly installment of Rs.5,000 for three months.

2. Two Installments:

You can also find many institutes are demanding 50% down payment for course fees before the training session begins and the remaining 50% upon completion of 30% to 40% of the training sessions.

3. Split Up:

If you find the digital marketing course fee details in terms of split up, most training providers charge 50% of the course fee for the SEO course (since it is the major module) and rest 50% for remaining modules.

Digital Marketing course fee structure and list of the top digital marketing institutes in Chennai explained  (Audio )
  • what-is-digital-marketing-course-fees-in-chennai-tamil-audio

Following are digital marketing course fees in Chennai offered by some of the top institutes. (Source: I have not changed any information from the source and please check the source for updated information. 

โ€ŠDigital Marketing Training Institutes in ChennaiDigital Marketing Course Fees in Chennaiโ€ŠLocationโ€Š
โ€ŠDigital Scholarโ€ŠNAโ€ŠPursaiwalkam
โ€ŠDigital Academy 360โ€ŠNAโ€ŠT Nagar
Anna Nagar
โ€ŠDigital Marketing Courses (DMC)โ€ŠNAโ€ŠKodambakkam
โ€ŠInternet Marketing Coursesโ€ŠNAโ€ŠT Nagar
โ€ŠFITA Digital Marketing trainingโ€ŠNAโ€ŠVelachery
โ€ŠThink It Trainingโ€ŠNAโ€Š600020
โ€ŠSKARtec Digital Marketing Academyโ€ŠRs. 12,500West Mambalam
โ€ŠZuan Educationโ€ŠRs.6,000 to Rs. 14,000Kodambakkam
โ€ŠE Search Advisorsโ€ŠNAAnna Salai, Teynampet
โ€ŠEduPristineโ€ŠRs. 33,000West Saidapet
โ€ŠSpark Trainingโ€ŠNATambaram East
โ€ŠNoble Progโ€Š15,753โ€Š600004 
โ€ŠNIIT Imperiaโ€ŠNANungambakkam
โ€ŠToss Social Mediaโ€ŠNANungambakkam
โ€ŠTIA Academyโ€ŠNAโ€ŠThoraipakkam
โ€Š7 Pixelzโ€Š12,500โ€ŠPallavaram
โ€ŠWeb Developer Chennaiโ€ŠNAโ€ŠAnna Nagar West Extension
โ€ŠPeridot Systemsโ€ŠNAโ€ŠAdyar
โ€ŠMetaforum Technologiesโ€ŠRs. 12,000โ€ŠVadapalani
โ€ŠLIBA Workshopโ€ŠRs. 22,000 + STโ€ŠT Nagar
โ€ŠTimes Pro Digital Marketingโ€ŠNAโ€ŠT Nagar
โ€ŠMadras Advertising Club Digital Marketing Programital marketingNAT Nagar
Inventateq digital marketingNAVelachery 
โ€ŠCourseinn digital marketing โ€ŠNAโ€ŠGuindy

The above Digital Marketing course fees in Chennai of different training centers may not be updated. Please contact them or source provided for the updated location and fees. 

 โ€‹Major Modules in Digital Marketing:

Whatever be the fees, make sure the training institute offers these important digital marketing modules.

Module 1: Search Engine Optimization:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO & link building
  • Technical SEO
  • Web Analytics
  • Content writing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Relevancy
  • Authority
  • SEO tools

Module 2: PPC/ Adwords

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Mobile app installation Ads
  • Quality scores
  • Bidding
  • Reporting
  • Attribution models

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

  • Creating Engagement Posts
  • Automation, Scheduling, Reporting
  • Targeted ads
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora.

Module 4: Email Marketing

  • Automation
  • Scheduling
  • Drip campaigns
  • Reporting
  • List building
  • Best practices

Module 5: Landing Page Optimization

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Best design practices
  • Persuasion techniques

Module 6: Inbound marketing

My Advice: If you are new to internet marketing my sincere and honest advice would be to avoid learning all the modules mentioned above. Simply, don't do that. Start with one module, preferably SEO, learn it, master it and if needed move on to the next one. It is always better to be a master of one trade than a jack of everything. My humble opinion.

Let's move on...

 โ€‹Use these 14 techniques for digital marketing course fee negotiation and save few bucks

From my experience of being a freelance trainer, institute owner I reveal 14 ways to learn digital marketing cheaply.

Without further delay, here are the 14 ways you can negotiate with any institute and reduce your training fees.

Picture of a student negotiating digital marketing course fees in Chennai

1. Single-shot payment

Most of the digital marketing institutes will fall for this technique. If you say that, I will pay the course fees in a single installment and then ask for a discount, most institutes will readily accept.They do that to prevent mid-course student drop out.

For example, if the digital marketing course fees are Rs. 15,000, you can request like you will pay the full fees in a single shot and give me a discount. You might solidly get up to Rs.2000 discount. I am pretty much sure about that. 

2. Join with your friends

Ask your friends, relatives or colleagues interested in learning digital marketing and approach training centers in a group (even 2 members), you will find most institutes will readily take you guys in at a discounted tuition fee.

For Example, Instead of paying Rs. 15, 000 course fees, if you join along with another person you can easily negotiate and achieve Rs.25, 000 course fees for two students. 

3. Don't opt for placement services (if you don't need it)

Most of these digital marketing coaching centers in Chennai will highlight their placement records to boost their image and get more fees. If you are a business person, freelancer or if you want to learn digital marketing for blogging or affiliate marketing, basically you don't need placement assistance. You can tell this fact and try to get a discount. 

4. Join during festive occasions

You can wait until festive seasons like Diwali, Vijayadasami, New Year, Christmas etc, for admissions. Most of the training centers will offer festive season discounts for digital marketing course fees. You can utilize these offers to save a few bucks. 

5. Take online one on one sessions

As far as I noticed most institutes tend to give good discounts for digital marketing Skype classes in Chennai. I don't find any reason you should not try those options. One on one over the shoulder digital marketing training
even if is via online is always good. If it saves you a few bucks, you should explore this option also. 

6. Compare with other institutes & negotiate the fees

Always speak to at least 4 or 5 training centers and find out their course fee structure. You can use this as a reference when you negotiate for discounts. 

For example, let us say there are two institutes X & Y delivering digital marketing course in Chennai. X charges around Rs.15K and Y charges around Rs.13K. You find their syllabus and trainer profile almost similar. For some reason you prefer to join with X (maybe it is closer to your home), you can approach X for a discount citing fee details of Y and why you prefer X. You can say that you find so many Google certified digital marketing course near your place and what is the reason for you to prefer X. More often than not you will make them like you and get a good course discount. 

7. Ask for the extra module if institutes don't reduce the price

Sometimes, you may find a few institutes not offering any discount per se. If you still want to join them for quality and convenience's sake, you can ask them for an additional module.

For Example, You can request a WordPress development course as an extra module. One, it is related to digital marketing and two, you get better value for your money. 

8. Ask for discounts during registration/demo session

Most of the institutes in Chennai will provide a demo session for a digital marketing course where you can visit them, talk to counselors, talk trainers. Some of the institutes may even ask for a small token registration fee for that demo session. If you are impressed with the trainer and demo session, you can say that you shall pay 50% down payment now itself provided the institute gives a discount for the course fees.

Believe it or not, most institutes will give you a discount on such occasions. 

9. Pitch for referrals concerning future students

While asking for a course fee discount, you can subtly mention that if the training is good, you may even refer to some of your friends or colleagues for the course in the future. And then if you pitch for a discount you can find magic happen.

10. Look for recommendations from your friends and take that as a referral.

This is the easiest way and the best way to learn digital marketing at a reduced cost. Find out someone in your contact who has done digital marketing from an institute and now working. You can speak to him/her for a referral to the institute. 

11. Ask for a fast-track course

Although learning a massive course like this in fast-track is not easy, but if you are a quick learner you can ask for a fast-track batch. Most training centers in Chennai provide digital marketing courses at a lower price for fast-track batches. [This saves them a lot of resources and trainers will also be happy].

12. Enquire & join during the end of the month

Usually, training center managers  and counselors in Chennai will be under pressure to achieve  enrollment targets at the end of every month. If you approach them during that time and ask for a lower course fee, more often
Than not, they will oblige you. 

13. Speak with the institute owner

Sometimes directly talking to an institute owner or trainer bypassing counselors will help you achieve considerable success in negotiation. If you cannot talk to them, find out their mail id and email them explaining your situation and request for reduced course fees. 

14. Walk Away

Negotiate using all the above techniques, but if the digital marketing institutes don't reduce course fees, simply say thank you and walk away.

In a few days, you may receive a call or email or SMS with a course discount offer. Trust me. Most institutes do that. They cannot afford to lose a student in the current competitive environment with digital marketing institutes mushrooming all around the Chennai city. 

Even after using the above methods if you find an institute not willing to reduce the course fees

  1. It's ok to take their course. They may be good at what they do. But you do ask for multiple installments for digital marketing course fees. 
  2. Talk to other institutes to find out if you can get the same quality training at a lower cost. Trust me, you can find plenty of them in Chennai.
  3. Ask for a Placement guarantee if your main purpose for joining this course is jobs. If you want to use this knowledge for your own business or if you want to start a digital marketing business, definitely ask for live campaign exposure. 
  4. My advice is to look for online courses. One, they are cheaper. Two, they are of the highest quality. Three, you can learn at your own pace. Four, no institute in Chennai can provide those kinds of the international trainer. You can find plenty of courses on websites like Udemy, Lynda at affordable fees.
  5.  Don't try and learn digital marketing as a whole. Learn important modules separately as and when you afford it. Start with the SEO course. Practice thoroughly, work on it for a year or so. Gain a good experience and then acquire other skills. In this way, you don't burn your pocket quickly and also this is the best way to learn digital marketing.

Definitely avoid these institutes:

There is no university or college in Chennai offering MBA or diploma or even a certification course in Digital Marketing. At the maximum, you can find some government skill development programs like MSME offering a digital marketing course. Mostly you have to rely on private training providers and institutes. But I would recommend you avoid the following institutes.

  1. Avoid digital marketing training institutes that demand a small registration fee or deposit fee even to attend a demo session. Even if it is 100 or 200 rupees, avoid these types of institutions.
  2. If you hear the following words from the digital marketing training center, definitely avoid them  " A new batch is starting in 2 days. Seats are filling up quickly. If you register today, we will give this much discount". Pure bait.. Avoid them, please.
  3. Avoid institutes that promise you can become a master Digital marketing in 45 days. Like any field, mastering digital marketing also requires time, patience, exposure, etc
  4. Finally, avoid institutes that are not transparent with their fee structure and split up because they may charge you more in the future in the name of a miscellaneous fee for certifications, study materials, tools, installations, etc.

Final word:

With so many choices in terms of availability of a large number of digital marketing institutes in Chennai and sites like Udemy, Lynda, etc offering cheap digital marketing courses, it is true that you might negotiate and get a good discount on your digital marketing course fees, I would suggest otherwise. Even it cost 3k or 5k more always choose the best institute. Never compromise on the training quality. 


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