Create Free Website India

Is it possible to get a free Top level domain along with hosting free? If this is your question, then answer is Yes. Zoho offers free .in and domain and hosting free for one year. Re newel is also cheaper compared to others. Previously Google along with Hostgator used to provide free .in websites through their India get online program, but it is not free anymore. Now only free option is Zoho sites.


Zoho India bundle features

  1. Free domain and hosting for a year
  2. .in and .co,in domains
  3. Need to register with Mobile no, email id and PAN number
  4. Only one free website per user
  5. Free E-mail hosting
  6. Hundreds of Templates
  7. No ads
  8. Unlimited storage and pages
  9. Free Zoho Docs
  10. Free Zoho books
  11. Easy to build, just drag and drop

You can get free webiste by accessing here