10-Common SEO Mistakes You should avoid

In this post, I'm going to write about 10 common mistakes, you should avoid in on page SEO for your web page in 2017.


1. Multiple H1's

Multiple H1 to be simplified is equivalent to a book having two different title pages. It will confuse search engines and it must be avoided at any cost.

2. WWW and non WWW versions of Website

From, SEO point of view, there is no difference between www and non www versions of your website in terms of page rank, but in -order to have consistency it is advisable to fix this issue using htaccess.

3. Broken links

Broken links affects your sites credibility and it is advisable to remove them. Perform periodic checks for broken links and fix them. It will improve site credibility.

4. Excessive number of links

Some Pages with excessive number of links over others will surely result in penalty and loss of page rank. Also more links from a single source must be avoided.

5. Do-follow Links

Too much of do-follow links is not good for a page. Although some Do-follow links to authority sites is needed to improve credibility, but too much of them passes/ wastes the link juice and must be avoided.

6. Empty Alt -Texts

Images with empty alt text is generally a weak point in your On page SEO strategy. Alt texts are needed for slow internet connection and search engines usually respects them a lot.

7. Empty Title Tags 

Title tags is very important and your page cannot afford not to have them. It is like a heading to a book. 

8. Duplicate Titles

Duplicate Titles for multiple web pages will confuse search engines about the purpose of web pages. It should be avoided. 

9. Size of meta tags

Meta tags must not be too long. 

10. Duplicate Meta Description

Duplicate Meta Description in multiple pages is one of the common mistakes that needs to be avoided.