Building E-mail list using Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms for advertisers to build their E-mail list. E-mail marketing is the most cost effective and efficient marketing technique and success of a E-mail campaign is directly proportional to its subscribers (e-mail list). Marketers need to send relevant message to relevant people. Organic ways of building E-mail list is very slow, tedious and time consuming process. In-order to build this E-mail list very quickly, Digital Marketer can run Facebook advertising campaign.

In this post I will explain about two methods, lead generation and website visitors to build E-mail list.

Use Facebook Lead generation to build E-mail list


This is a type of Facebook ads whose objective is to generate leads for business. This type of ad is great for businesses without great landing page or CRM. While conversion of these ads are usually greater because of directness in objectives, cost of these ads tends to be higher.


Like any Facebook ads, targeting plays a major role in success of this type of ad also. As an example, suppose you want to show a scientific journal ad, targeting could by job title - professor. See above example. Also we need to optimize more in-terms of location and age. I will leave those things to your imagination and requirements.

Generate Leads through Facebook website visitors

Unlike previous technique, this is actually much cheaper. If planned correctly conversions will also be good. 


Here, you can create a good landing page and direct your customers to this page with link click ads. Once customer visits your page, collect their e-mail id by offering something free. In this example 50% off in journal publication fee could be a nice offer. To get this offer ask the customer to subscribe their e-mail id with you. 

Sucess of these ads depends on two factors.

  1. Landing page quality
  2. Attractiveness of offer.