Businesses !!! Don't run Google search ads without effective Re-Marketing Strategies

Google Ads are getting costlier by the day. In- Order to get most out of customer clicks, in terms of conversion, your campaign must have effective re-marketing strategies.


What is Re-Marketing?

In its simplest form, Re- marketing is showing your ads (display) to customers who visited Your Website. After visiting your website, customers can visit other websites, blogs etc.. If they see Your relevant ad in those (3rd party websites)places, it will definitely create good impression of you, on them, thereby boosting your sales.


Benefits of Re-Marketing

  • Re-Marketing ads are essentially display ads in nature. So they are much cheaper compared to search ads.
  • In fact Re-Marketing ads supplements your search ads greatly, if used properly.
  • Great level of customization is possible using Re-Marketing ads. Ex: If a customer leaves your website after visiting a product page without buying, you can customize ads by giving more discounts for that product and thereby attracting the customer.

What happens if You don't Re-market?

  • Customers will not remember you, thereby drop in sales will happen.
  • You will not do justice for your investment on Google search ads.
  • You will miss out on hell lot of customization (like targeting individual page visitors), that is otherwise not possible elsewhere.

Best Re-Marketing Strategies

These are the places where Re-Marketing is very effective.

  • Re-Marketing through Google Display Network
  • Facebook Re-Marketing
  • YouTube Re-Marketing

So, to make most out of your Google Search campaigns in terms of conversions, adopt effective Re-Marketing Strategies.