Ten advantages of Ad-Words over SEO

  • Quicker - Most obvious advantage of Ad-words. It is much faster to rank a keyword with Ad-words. Whereas, it takes longer time to rank organically via SEO.
  • You can rank multiple keywords quickly at the same time using Ad-words.
  • It is easy to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) accurately using Ad-words than with SEO
  • Better control over where your ads will be shown through ZIP or Pin Code Targeting.
  • Better control over timings. You can decide when your ads should be displayed and when not to be displayed 

Adwords vs SEO

  • Call only ads are possible in ad-words, which is a great advantage, when mobile searches overtook desktop searches. 
  • Sitelinks can be effectively used in ad-words to attract customers, wheres as Data Highlighter with SEO is not as flexible and as easy. 
  • Huge extension support for ad-words namely price, call-out, sms, call, location, review etc.. makes Ads much more attractive to customers.
  • Scalability and support by google is amajor advantage.
  • No need to compromise on UI design or content to suit search engines. Just focus on business with ad-words.