About Sankar Gurumurthy

Hi, I am Sankar Gurumurthy, a Digital Marketing Consultant from Chennai, India. I write, train and consult on Digital Marketing . I take up freelance digital marketing and SEO projects from clients across multiple verticals. I also conduct online marketing workshop in colleges, universities and companies. I take classroom digital marketing training in Chennai. I am a Digital marketer by profession and by passion.

I had stints in Teaching as Professor in Top notch Engineering Colleges and Universities across South India and Singapore and I also worked as SAP consultant (Technical) , before my passion led me to Digital Marketing.

I specialize in Integrated Digital Marketing and Custom audience Re- Marketing using broad spectrum of tools. I consulted around 100+ businesses in various domains like Education,Health Care, Construction, Finance etc.. on their Digital marketing Strategies,

I also consulted number of freelancers, solo-preneurs and individuals on using cost -effective digital methods to promote their business. I am a big fan of data analytics and use it extensively to bring result for my clients.

How it started?

Even as a Computer Science Professor in SASTRA University, I realized the importance of internet and digital marketing to reach huge number students across the globe. I am one of the first Professors to upload my course videos (In Database , Analytics etc) in YouTube. The response I then got, encouraged me to help fellow professionals to market themselves better.

Then, due to personal reasons, I shifted to Chennai and worked briefly for Vellamal Engineering college, before doing a course in SAP Data Warehouse and Database and started my second innings as SAP Trainer and Consultant. I had a stint in Singapore as Consultant Trainer and also as Training and Development Manager.

With almost, a decade of experience, in 2013 I started a Training Company in Chennai. While marketing for my training courses, I explored different areas of digital marketing including SEO, SEM, PPC, Display Ads, Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn ads, e- mail campaigns, landing pages,etc. Digital marketing became an obsession and passion for me. Soon I realized I have more passion for digital marketing than core academic teaching. 

So, that is how I came into this Digital Marketing. Along with my team,  I now support multiple clients, like SMEs, freelancers, start-ups, etc in their Digital Marketing & core IT Strategies. 

I successfully handled projects for 100+ companies so far. Some of the popular clients I worked includes, Tenth planet Technologies, Fully Filmy, Mitraa group of Hostels, M- Square Networks, Metaforum Technologies etc. 

Want to reach me? Mail me at Sankar@digitalsankar.in

Few of my Clients

"Sankar's knowledge in Digital Marketing and education industry is excellent. His lead generation and re-marketing campaign brings us really good results."

-- Manimaran / CEO : M-Square Networks - Leading CCNA & related training provider in Chenna.

"Sankar helped us with more conversions with his SEO strategies"

-- Kumaran , Tenth Planet Technologies

" He sat up email campaigns with automation for us and it definitely increased sales by 50%"

-- Balu Ravuri / Research Open world Journal