5-Most Important On-Page SEO factors

There are over 200+ On-page SEO factors, that needs to be considered to optimize your page for keywords in search engines like Google, Bing etc.. In this post, I'm going to write about 5 most important On-page SEO factors.


I am going to explain these factors using a simple google search. My search term is "java training in coimbatore". Here is the result I got from Google Search.


Using this Example , I am going to make my case.

1. Domain Name

If domain name supports keyword, then major work is done. That is why keyword rich domain name tends to be more costly than other domain names. If the name of the domain contains the target keyword, it will be a major boost to the rankings.

In our example, search term is "java training in coimbatore". Look at the first two results. Domain name of first result is "iclasstrainingincoimbatore.in and domain name of second result is "trainingincoimbatore.in".

2. URL Name

If URL of our target page is mapped with keyword, then search rank will be boosted to a larger degree. This is true more so for local businesses.

In our example , URL name for the first two results is "java-training-in-coimbatore.html", which  contains the search term "java training in coimbatore".

3. Title Tag

If title tag of the page contains the targeted keyword, then that page's search ranking for that keyword will be good.  In our example the Title tag for first two results are "java training in coimbatore"

4. Meta Keyword

Make sure that targeted keyword is there in meta keywords list. It is an important on-page signal. Not as important as it used to be, but still significantly important. Needless to say, in our example, first two results contains the search term in their meta keywords list. 

5. Header 1 (H1)

Targeted keyword as H1 in web page is really a good idea as far as boosting page rank for keywords is concerned. In our example, first two result pages contains search term in their H1.