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By: Sankar | June 05, 2017

Retargeting on LinkedIn

Any Digital Marketer worth his / her name will know the importance of Retargeting. In fact facility to retarget customers via a professional platform like LinkedIn is a great weapon in the hands of digital marketers.  If you are looking for Digital Marketing Training in Chennai , make sure you trainer gives special importance to retargeting.


Retargeting is showing your ads to customers who have already visited your website without subscribing or purchasing. It is very important to re-target your customers because, then only they will remember your product or service. It is about registering your name to potential customers again and again , so that they purchase your product or subscribe to your blog.


LinkedIn is one the best social media sites for professionals and business owners.  For so long LinkedIn did not open its platform for Re-marketing, even though it allowed other form of ads.  In 2017 only it has introduced Retargeting ads.

How to Retarget using LinkedIn?

Currently you can use LinkedIn to target in 3 ways

  1. You can target website visitors. This is the most common form of re-targeting. Targeting visitors of particular URL is also available.
  2. You can target customers directly by providing their e-mail ids. So you can get email ids of customers from your CRM, upload that as csv file to LinkedIn and target those customers, provided they are in LinkedIn
  3. You can target employees working in a list of companies( which you can upload as CSV file). This is strictly not retargeting. But useful way of targeting employees working in number of smaller companies.


Hope this article was helpful to you in understanding basics of re targeting using LinkedIn. If you are looking to hire an agency that offers digital marketing services in Chennai , don't forget to talk to them about their re-targeting strategies.


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